Any JW's here?

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  • stillin

    this site is called "a discussion forum for Jehovahs Witnesses." Maybe "for Jehovah's Witnesses entertainment" would fit better.

  • Farkel

    :this site is called "a discussion forum for Jehovahs Witnesses." Maybe "for Jehovah's Witnesses entertainment" would fit better.

    I'm your huckleberry.


  • undercover

    It's more like, "a discussion forum for bitching about Jehovah's Witnesses"

  • WingCommander

    Don't you have any job assignments today up at Bethel, or is this it???

    I smell troll!!

  • stillin

    no troll here. The whole site is a troll!

  • feenx

    totally with you Undercover! I actually haven't been here in a while for that very reason. Some times all the bitching gets too negative for me. But I do love the helping aspect, because I got a lot of comfort through hard times from the posters here.

  • jaguarbass

    I used to be a witness, Thats how my mother raised me, then I realized she and

    they were full of shxt.

  • cantleave

    Hi Stillin, I'm still a JW on paper, I want out without being DF'd. To know that others have been in the same situation makes it easier. I want to hear opinions from both believers and non-believers on this board. What I don't want is to be preached at, I have had 42 years of that.

  • straightshooter

    A true jw should not be visiting this forum, based on the GB direction against internet social sites. But if a jw wants to bend the rules, then maybe the postings on this forum will open their eyes to what the BORG really is.

    As in all forums, some information is of value and some is not. When postings start to degrade others on this forum, then that bothers me. It then reminds me of the back-biting that occurred in the cong.

    I deeply appreciate the comments of those who share research on various Bible beliefs and share their thoughts. For example I appreciate the insight that Blondie, as well as others, provide on this forum.

  • stillin

    cantleave: I have a similar situation. I enjoy the rancor here as well as the stories, most of which are, sadly, true. For now, I'm Stillin.

    straightshooter: You seem to live up to your name. I'm not really so studious anymore. More like burned out on the whole thing, so much we really can't know for sure...I do enjoy how some have pointed out the self-contradicting things that WTS is so full of these days. Why shouldn't witnesses be ENCOURAGED to "make sure" and do some self-examination? It could be a healthy thing!

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