Any JW's here?

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  • Alwayshere

    I ask you to prove 607 using King Neb. 1st rule 624. se your Bible. 2Tim. 3 :16 "All scripture is by inspiration of God, for reproof, for correction."Oh I forgot, you can't use your Bible and prove it.

  • Alwayshere
  • jookbeard

    Alwayshere; I'm with you

  • Alwayshere

    Bet no JW will come back to my question.

  • shamus100

    Cut and paste nonsense.

    If you think I'm going to read that, you're nuts.

    Use the brain god gave you - not the watchtower.

  • jookbeard

    exactly what i was thinking, a waste of time

  • stillin

    I don't know about any 607 BCE. Or any of the other stuff that can't be known. But, after it's all said and done, I really would like for my life to have counted for something of value. To have stood up for a set of principles that oppose the dark forces that seem to be driving our human family down the toilet. I thought that Jehovah's Witnesses had it straight, but these days it seems that it's a business, run on the grass-roots level like a dictatorship by small-minded men hungry for authority.

    I still see the skeleton of the "truth" in there, but I want to be careful about my choices.

    I'm glad that there are others here who are still in varying degrees of staying active. I feel like they are more my "brothers and sisters" than most of the ones at the KH.

    Life is tough...

  • etna

    I'm like you stillin, I just want to think that what we have been taught from our infancy is right, but I have to agree with alwayshere and I wouldn't care so much about dates and yhe likes, but the society puts so much emphasis on dates.


  • ldrnomo

    I don't have to read Watchtower crap anymore why would I want to read a cut and paste.

    PJSchipper if that what your going to do from now on, save ones and zeros and just reference the Watchtower literature article and we will look it up IF WE WANT TO.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    "I don't know about any 607 BCE. Or any of the other stuff that can't be known."

    How can a true JW not know about 607 BCE. Is that not a central doctrine which led to the 1914 farce? The WT makes this dates as something more than "can't be known". An elder gets wind u are challanging that teaching and u are now an apostate in their eyes

    Honestly my wife and I are both JW's on paper. We still have a few JW friends who don't judge us, and family as well. I used to vent alot more before but u slowly settle down. Most of those who are past the pain and anger have moved on. Some stay for the frienship, laughs and helping newbies.

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