Any JW's here?

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  • diamondiiz

    Use to be so called JW and yet I never witnesses a single thing done by Jehovah so really I was just a Watchtower's Witness. Rutherford took on a name as if he was instructed by God himself but was really a ploy to saperate those who didn't follow him and those who kept their blind loyalty to the scum that Rutherford was.

    As for 607 nonsense, Russell didn't use 607 but 606 and used 536BC as his pivital date and Pyramid og Giza "proved" that 1914 was in fact the end of the last days and NOT the beginning. 1874 taught to be Christ's invisable return for some 50 years before changing that nonsense to 1914 because the excuse was the King James Bible wasn't clear on chronology by some 100 years thus the mistake? That's why 1975 was preached to be the next big date but why did they keep 1914 and got rid of 1874 if the calculation were off by 100 years? Hmm, I think the GB goofed there, probably if they look back they should have scrapped all of Russell's dates and gone with 1975 so at least now they could tell people that we are in the last days since 1975 :) Really, it was Russell's writings that opened my eyes to WTS' fraud and thankfully the accidental find of Thy Kingdom Come book helped me leave the cult. I will give Russell credit that however delusional he was, he may have actually been honest about his nonsense chronology but that is not the credit I would give to current leaders who are either totally retarded or are liars as I believe they are and they hide the facts from the rest of their followers hoping that their counsel not to research outside of WT publication will be heeded.

    Another thing that really pisses me off about the GB is that many times they write in a way that potrays God backing them by having statements written such as "Jehovah trusts faithful and discreet slave", many of these statements are so obvious to anyone that doesn't have a close mind. All one has to do is replace "Jehovah" witrh "Governing Body" to see the actual meaning of the statements. The leaders present themselves as Jehovah and the followers just eat it up!

    There are those like Reniaa or pjschipper who blindly follow these man and will defend what they do not know. They will always present themselves as following God not man which the opposite is in fact true. IMO the Mexican and Malawi scandel is probably one of the most obvious and disturbing acts that the leaders in Brooklyn have ever done which there is no arguement for! Just sick power hungry bastards who should be in prison for causing numberous of innocent people to be tortured, raped and murdered.

    Most Watchtower followers don't know their own history nor do they know the many scandels of their leaders and when they hear anything that is contradictory to the line fed to them by GB they get offended and imagine they are being attacked by Satan. GB never imagined that there would be such a thing as internet and now that this tool is here they try hard to keep their flock from finding out what wicked deeds these men have done to their own people. Any active believing witness owes it to themselves to research their religion and the fraud that it is. It's no different from all other religions - its run by men and has nothing to do with God's direction. One doesn't need religion to be moral nor does a man need some other asshole telling him how to live his life especially when the one giving the advise is as decietful as GB members.

    So is there any JWs here? NO! Neither is there any in WTS religion other than the fraudulant title they chose to go by.

  • etna

    I've just read what incognito has written and I don't think I or anyone else could say it better. I will keep a copy of it and its exactly how I feel. Its good to know we are not alone in thinking this way. I always thought there was something wrong with me and felt so guilty. Thank you for the forum.


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