Any JW's here?

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I'm with cantleave. I've got my husband mentally out so far and we're working on other family members whilst still technically in.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Hi Stillin,yup im still a serving jw.....welcome on board :)

  • musky

    "I'm still a JW on paper, I want out without being DF'd."

    You should be able to tell the elders that you no longer want to be a witness and state your reasons. They should not dis fellowship you for that.

    If it were only that simple.

    I hope all goes well for you.

  • jookbeard

    Musky. you go to the elders and tell them that , you will find yourself D/A'ed and will enjoy all the status as a D/Fed person, shunning et al, you should know better then that

  • jookbeard

    all of us have far stronger faith Skip , after leaving the lies and filth of the WTS, show me the lies and half truths from the Bible and I'll gladly repent

  • shamus100


    Thanks for your honesty - well, I think youre being honest. You're not supposed to be on these sites, my friend, and by doing so you could be DFed right now.

    But nobody is going to out you, so you can stay if you can get your head around that first statement.

    Find out the truth for yourself - not what people say here at all! This is a terrible place to find out the truth of the WTBTS if you are still in. Research on the net is a good place to start - without negative apostates guiding your way.

    Take care, and I wish you the best.

  • cantleave

    Musky - if only it were that easy.

    You got it in one - the reason why it aint that easy is because the WTS is a cult that uses disfellowshipping as it's primary means of control.

  • minimus

    Does "inactive" count?

  • ldrnomo

    stillin asked the question:

    Why shouldn't witnesses be ENCOURAGED to "make sure" and do some self-examination? It could be a healthy thing!

    Stillin, the answer to your question is happening as we read. Many of us are still in and we are "making sure" and we are doing "self-examination" and that is why many of us though still in are no longer attending meetings, going out in field service. We have faded. Through our examination we have determined that the teachings of the Watchtower are no better then other men's religions. All it amounts to is men teaching men what only god knows. We have discovered the true meaning of the scripture "do not put your trust in nobles or in the sons of earthling man to whom no salvation belongs"

    This is the reason the Watchtower doesn't want the rank and file to make sure and do a self-examination. Oh unless it is done using only Watchtower literature. The funny thing is even if only Watchtower literature is used the rank and file can see (that is if they look at it with and open mind) that the "Truth" really isn't the truth at all. It's just another group of men telling men what to do.

    Maybe if you are on this forum long enough, you too will become inactive. Maybe you already are.


  • Alwayshere

    Jookbeard, I can shoot a hole in your belief. Can you or any of the other JWs on here show me how you can get 607 for the desolation of Jerusalem using 624 for King Neb. 1st year to rule. The Bible at 2Kings 25 :8-9 says it was King Neb. 19th year when Jerusalem was desolated. I don't expect to hear from any of you because you can not prove it.

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