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  • FlyingHighNow

    Thanks everyone. I only spoke to him briefly today. The infection is still not under control. He needs to bend his fingers so they don't freeze that way permanently. It's so painful that he can't bend them like he needs to. This guy is no sissy about pain either. He sounded less okay today as far as coping. He still needs lots of prayers and vibes. If I can talk to him before it's too late tonight, I'll update. I have classes to go to tonight. Hoping I get home in time to speak to him before the hospital stops ringing rooms.

  • Chalam

    Thanks for the update FHN.

    More prayers said for Jesse and you all :)

    Love Stephen

  • caliber
    Thanks for the update FHN.
    More prayers said for Jesse and you all :)
    Love Stephen

    I concur 100% with these thoughts .......thanks for the update . .....

  • coffee_black

    Oh FHN, I am sooooo sorry about this! Thoughts and prayers for Jesse and you!!!!


  • JWdaughter

    FHN, my best wishes for his quick recovery and your peace of mind. I hope all goes well.




    Still sending positive vibes your way...and his.

  • chickpea
  • FlyingHighNow

    Jesse said tonight they brought him papers to sign today that taught him about the MRSA infection. They stopped his pain meds, which is distressing to him. His surgeon is out of town. The infection is still not under control. Jesse has a friend who lost his legs to MRSA. He was treated in the same hospital. I realize this could happen at any hospital. You just think this is going to happen to someone else, especially people with weakned immune systems. Jesse is as strong as a horse. I reminded him about all of the good thoughts, messages and prayers from all of you. I am encouraging to think positive thoughts and not dwell on the worst outcome. I will update you. Your prayers are helping me and those of you who don't pray, your thoughts and cares mean a lot. Please keep them up. I hope they do not send Jesse home until he is out of the woods completely. The risk is just too high to make mistakes.

    Everyone, wash any cut or scrape you get, disinfect it and cover it up. This infection affects anyone, not just fragile people.

  • shamus100


    Hoping for the best.

  • drwtsn32
    drwtsn32, so sorry to hear about this. My thoughts are with you and your son.

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