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    Now you know I"m kidding.

    Welcome to the forum!

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    Probable sources of discouragement:

    *You do all you reasonably can, and they still want more. In fact, they are trying to get you to quit your job and pio-sneer when that's impossible without a lot of hardship.

    *They promise you something, and then they proceed to deliver exactly the opposite of what they promised. And then they claim you had no right to want it in the first place.

    *People are supposed to waste their whole lives waiting for the end, which never seems to come. And then, each time it doesn't come, someone insists that they never said it was coming then, alters previous littera-trash articles predicting the end at that time, and blames people for putting too much stock in their predictions (after telling them that they have to believe no matter what).

    *Going door to door, spending thousands of hours, only to realize that no one is interested or that they lose interest soon after they get home to look at the rags. And realizing that you could have done something better with all that time--zero productivity.

    *Continually being told that it is a sin to enjoy one's life or to want to enjoy one's life. They claim that it is human imperfection that makes us want to actually have something real to look forward to, instead of just plain giving up the use of one's life and not enjoying anything.

    *Not having a stable definition of key words and phrases ("generation", anyone?)

    Do any of these come from Satan, or are they from the organization itself? Or Jehovah Himself?

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    isnt a pro-witness witness posting on here a total paradox ? because if they are on these forums they are breaking the rules and rule breakers arent proper witnesses. ? Hmm my head is going to explode. !

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    Wow I read the scripture, my life is better, Im getting my flowery skirt on now and going to the hall. bye suckers. your all blinded by satan........

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    Is this Reniaa in disguise? or was it Renaii?


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    who me?

  • Heaven

    Welcome Skipper.

    * Total, complete, and utter source of discouragement, all the time, every day and in every way: Subjugation of Women.

    Is this Reniaa in disguise? or was it Renaii?

    Could be Renal. One really never knows... at least at first. Most people eventually slip up when lying, though. It's ony a matter of time.

  • OnTheWayOut

    PJS posted this answer on another thread, I think he meant it as an answer to my thoughts here:

    On the way out; Hi Jerry, I don't think so! I have been DF'ed twice. I hated it. I had a hard time with keeping pete in the pants. Well I felt I needed to confess. I was Df'ed. I thought because I confessed I would be shown at least a slap! Not DF. I made a worldly friend in High School,(A Boy) don't start thinging weird. I still had the truth in my heart and there were not any JW's to hang with. I thought maybe I could show him the truth even though his father hated witness's. They were really poor, living in a dump in the hollow. But we really had fun there. Dune buggy's, waterfalls in the creek. Partys in the end of the dirt road, his house. Booze whenever we could buy or steal it. I never stole it, but sure could drink it. Don new of my bad acts, and I never knew until his wife told me a few months ago, that what brought him into the truth was my being DF'd. He is smart, what other faith would keep worship clean? So you who are DF'd think of it as a good thing, it helps you and others you may not think will. I tell ya, there are more witness's that think of giving up than you might guess. Caus bro. this is not an easy road to follow. It goes against our lazy butt think. I'm not givin-up, we are near the last lap, your tongue may be flapen in the wind and dry, sweat is salten your eyes, your heart is pounding, you don't know how much longer you will hold out. Then a burst of speed, the wind behind you! Holy spirit, gives you that blast! Your over the finish line! It will be worth it my brother. Hang in there! Hang in there! We all love you!

    And Don, He has wealth and a family in the truth. He married my wifes friend, and they mostly lived happly everafter. I guess I was a good influence somehow? She made him get off the wine. Glad I did not marry her!

    Here were my thoughts here:

    What Jesus said would be a way to identify his true worshipers is by LOVE.

    It is not love to shun your grandparents or your mother, or vise versa. JW's tend to wish evil on Christendom and its advocates. They salivate over people's mansions, waiting for Armageddon and hoping to take over the building. They belittle the earnest efforts of good people to feed the poor or educate the masses or save the whales, thinking that only cutting down trees for their literature is valid charity. They turn away from "worldly" ones in need to "pioneer" just as the people walked past the man in need except for the Samaritan.

    I don't expect you to accept most or any of what I said, but you need to start hearing some of the problems with WTS.

    You came forward and confessed a weakness. 3 men decided it was a sin. They know nothing beyond their own experience about human nature, addiction, weakness, temptation, etc. yet they are allowed to decide to kick someone out with absolutely no more help instead of just offering counseling, or suggesting professional counseling. If it were guided by Holy Spirit, then I would actually expect the urim and thummim. Instead, their flock book gives all kinds of legalistic advice to them about covering their asses (and WTS's ass) as they decide what to do.

    You can decide for yourself if it is okay as a way to keep Jehovah's organization clean, but what about the organization allowing children even under 10 years old to get baptized, then they have typical teen problems with urges and desires and peer pressure and questioning their faith later? Is it keeping the congregation clean to have their parents and grandparents shun them at the ripe young age of 18 or even younger?

    If Jehovah's spirit is there in the congregation, it should prevent that 8 to 10 year old from getting baptized because he really isn't dedicated to Jehovah with his own mature powers of reason. He just parrots the WT well and pleases his relatives well because he doesn't fit in at school and has nothing else in life.

    we are near the last lap,

    Yeah, ever since the Great Disappointment of 1844. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Disappointment
    Then it was 1874, (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Taze_Russell under EARLY LIFE) when the last lap came. Oops, it must have been an invisible second coming- well the end will come one generation after 1874- 40 years later in 1914. Or maybe 1915, 1925, the 30's or 40's, maybe 40 years after 1914, or maybe it was by 1975, certainly no later than 70 or 80 years past 1914, no doubt before the 20th century runs out.

    Good luck with the last lap. Someone will be here in 2013 after the Mayan Calendar followers are disappointed. Someone will be here 120 years after 1914 and someone will be here when the 1914 generation or the wicked generation runs out, or is it the anointed generation? Well, it's a long last lap. Feel free to walk it when you run out of breath.

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    If you've ever been to Amsterdam (or you can get it at specialty candy stores in North America) you can buy sweets called Dubbel Zout! It's truly a love hate candy,

    Next time I'm in Amsterdam I'm not going to be shopping for candy and I'm not going to be shopping for whores.

    So guess what I'm going to be shopping for?



    Don't Bogart that popcorn my friends, pass it over to me. ;0)

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