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  • mrsjones5

    "I have experienced Jehovah's Holy Spirit while studying with a young sister in the Watchtower."

    I hope you weren't alone with this young sister when the Spirit moved you.

  • ColdRedRain

    Skipper, we were all Flavorade drinking JWs at one point, so nothing you're saying is news to us. We've heard all the petty, inaccurate, shaming language filled propaganda from the platform for a good portion of our lives. We all know it's emotionally charged, vague, flowery speech and we see through it. It's sad that you don't. You're just another JW who's spreading that same vague, flowery, emotionally charged speech everywhere you are. We've seen many like you on this board, and they all disappear after they're shown where their pet religion's bodies are buried.

    Here's where the bodies are buried:

    United Nations Involvement

    Disfellowshipping Child Abuse Victims

    Child Molestors and Sex Offenders Going to Householder's Doors Without Background Checks

    Environmental Law Violations

    Reprinting Embarrassing Quotes

    After you're done reading that, Skipper, try to fix the Minnow so you can get off the island.

  • Athanasius

    Welcome Pjschipper. I may have gone to school with a couple of your relatives. Hope that you enjoy the forum.

  • mrsjones5

    "What lies have been brought against the servant of Jehovah will be exposed and those who fight against Jehovah's appointed servants will be destroyed the same as before."

    1. What are these "lies" you mentioned?

    2. Who are these appointed servants?

  • meangirl

    While I appreciate your optimism there is a point where enough is enough. One can only get beat down and picked on and forced to follow man made rules with no biblical basis before you reach a breaking point. I used to think like you once but then reality set in. It has to happen for each person at their own time but when the rose colored glasses come off watch out. You are in for a rude awakening!

  • megs
  • mrsjones5

    Sure, make mine a diet coke

  • ColdRedRain

    Notice that the University of Awake grad didn't reply to my comment, LOL. I think he's afraid to see where the bodies are buried.

  • megs

    So what brings you here Phillip? How did you find the site? Why would you compromise your faith in this way?

    BTW, welcome, I don't think I said that!

    Have you read Crisis of Conscience?




    You don`t seem the least bit concerned,that The WBT$ and I..Profit from War..

    You don`t care about information ColdRedRain has given you about the WBT$..

    Your not an Elder,which means your not doing enough for the WBT$..

    You don`t care that the WBT$ has claimed to be mediator between God and man..

    The WBT$ put Jesus out of a Job!!..

    Why are`nt you fighting,to get Jesus his Job Back??

    Jesus has to make payments on his new Harley Davidson..The WBT$ owns stock through a trust fund,in Harley Davidson..

    You don`t really love Jesus..Or ..You would help Jesus get his Job back!


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