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    What is "Zout"?

  • megs

    well it's Dutch for salt, so no clue what he's talking about...

  • megs

    If you've ever been to Amsterdam (or you can get it at specialty candy stores in North America) you can buy sweets called Dubbel Zout! It's truly a love hate candy, with the hate winning over most people... I used to love it, and still like it, although it leaves an ammonia-like aftertaste! It's salted black licorice!

  • mrsjones5

    *gonna sit back and watch this one*

  • megs

    So uh Phillip... Knowing this is an apostates site, you realise that you are tempting satan by posting your name and congregation? Not to mention the fact that the GB regularly check this site to ensure the faithful are not commiserating with apostates...

  • bluecanary

    Welcom to the forum Phillip. Since you're inclined to answer questions, I hope you'll answer the one I posted on this thread. It has to do with identifying an organization by the love they show.



    Welcome to the Screen on my desk!..

    I have been tested,..Me too!..I usually get everything right!

    I question everything taught, even writing the WTS when I don't understand something...Thats not good..The WBT$ does`nt like you to question them..

    At times we go round and round. No big deal,...Round and round comes from circular arguements..

    if we knew everything, the light would not grow brighter...If the light gets brighter,how come JW`s never get any smarter?

    Just think of the things we know about true worship...The generation of 1914 is going to die..The WBT$ has replaced Jesus as mediator..And..Don`t trust Whitey!!

    Those who leave the Truth, go back to these false teachings, Christmas, Cross, idol's etc...Thats just not true..I went to a Birthday party where someone got beheaded..But..

    They played soccor with his head later..So it all worked out..

    We pray for their return, as does Jesus he wants the best for all of us...Well I`m not coming back and neither is Jesus..The WBT$ fired him!

    And it is the only way to live, it brings joy and a sparkle to the eyes...Six beer or the Newest issue of Playboy makes me happy..

    It is easy to sink into this world, since we are born in sin...I was born in Canada..Most of us live on dry land,so not many sink here..

    It takes work and determination. It's not an easy way...Working for free,for a multi-billion dollar book publishing company(WBT$) is not very smart either..

    So the scripture describes the narrow path, few are the ones finding it...Thats true..I`ve never meet a Jehovah`s Witness that found it..

    What Jesus said would be a way to identify his true worshipers is by LOVE... ..Being a good Kisser does`nt make you a Christian!

    Does it not take LOVE to bring this message from Jesus with all the riducule and opposition we receive?..Jehovah`s Witness`s get laughed at because they follow the WBT$..

    Not because they follow Jesus..

    Does it not take LOVE to pray for those who do this to us and the message?..Jehovah`s Witness`s preach the WBT$ Message,because the WBT$ says they will die if they don`t..

    Not much love invovled there..Not when you have a gun against your head..

    We do not return evil for evil...Plenty of JW`s do evil..It`s in the newspapers all the time..

    We do not kill in the name of a country. ..The WBT$ and I both own shares in the Rand Cam Engine Corp..The WBT$ and I are both invested in WAR..

    Why do we go to prison instead of fight in these wars? You think it is easy?....You can take alternative service now..

    We have people on the board who went to jail,becase of insane WBT$ Rules..

    I hope that I can reflect our Great Teacher Jesus in any messages I leave on this forum...Jesus is out of a Job..All you can do is teach WBT$ ,if your a Jehovah`s Witness..

    Because I need to keep an eye on myself also, as I try to snatch some out of the fire,..Your already in WBT$ Hell..Your the one that needs saving..

    and help those who want to learn the TRUTH being taught by Holy Spirit from the WORD, and the WORD is JESUS. ..In Watchtower World,the word is "Watchtower"..

    please excuse me since I don't know how exactly how to use this program...Don`t worry about it,you`ll catch on in time ..

    Megs, I do go to Happy Valley KH. Thanks for asking. Phillip



  • Hopscotch

    I found my Zout so I'm not discouraged anymore!


    PS - Skipper - there is one little thing that I am still discouraged by. My entire JW family now shuns me because I dared to ask questions about the WTS. By the way I'm not da'd or df'd.

  • dissed

    undercover and others wanting to sing along, "Its the Love Boat!"



  • OnTheWayOut
    I have experienced Jehovah's Holy Spirit while studying with a young sister in the Watchtower.

    Many people of many faiths have "experienced Holy Spirit." So some have to be wrong.

    ...if we knew everything, the light would not grow brighter.

    That doesn't explain the flip flops which are more like the light going off then back on. Even "this generation" went back to an older meaning.
    People of Sodom and Gomorrah were in line for salvation, then they were not, then they were, then ... etc. etc.

    Those who leave the Truth, go back to these false teachings, Christmas, Cross, idol's etc.

    Not all go "back" to these, and some realize that some things you call false are not a big deal, or not false. Let's face it, the Romans used a cross. They were pagans using a pagan symbol. Besides, it's no big deal.

    What Jesus said would be a way to identify his true worshipers is by LOVE.

    It is not love to shun your grandparents or your mother, or vise versa. JW's tend to wish evil on Christendom and its advocates. They salivate over people's mansions, waiting for Armageddon and hoping to take over the building. They belittle the earnest efforts of good people to feed the poor or educate the masses or save the whales, thinking that only cutting down trees for their literature is valid charity. They turn away from "worldly" ones in need to "pioneer" just as the people walked past the man in need except for the Samaritan.

    I don't expect you to accept most or any of what I said, but you need to start hearing some of the problems with WTS.

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