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  • Alwayshere

    "I question everything taught" Did you question 607 for the desolation of Jerusalem? How about 624 for King Neb. 1st year to rule? 2Kings 25:8-9 where it plainly says "it was in King Neb. 19th year when Jerusalem was desolated." 624 1st year -18 more years=606. History says 605 was Neb. 1st year. 605 1st year-18 more years=587.

  • megs

    Not how I remember the book...

  • ColdRedRain

    "Could you loose your wealth, then your family?"

    Oh, you mean how my family constantly shuns me except when they want to emotionally manipulate me into getting back in their faith, and losing job connections because JWs think I'm dishonest because I'm not a member of their faith? Yeah, I can say that I've lost my wealth and family due to my stance with 'Jehovah'. It happens.

    "Satan then figured out the ultimate strike against him, his health!"

    Look out! Invisible spirit creatures from hell are on a mission to make you sick! Quick, hide underneeth that blanket!

    "Have you ever been so sick in your stomach your want to throw-up and hate the thought of it!?"

    Oh, I know that feeling.

    "And think, why is God punishing me so much? Please let it up God?"

    I think to myself whenever the former and the latter are happening are these two grand words "Psychiatric Therapy". It works wonders. Especially for the former.

    "Yea let it up GOD, Satan. It is his utlimate strike against us! Do you want to say: OK Satan I guess you are right and Jehovah's ways are wrong...?"

    Well, what can I say? This country has a president that fooled 52% of all voters with spitting out flowery non-sequiters, so I guess the Skipper here's in the majority. He might be *gasp* patriotic. That's a major crime in JWland!

    So, Skipper, did you click on the links yet or do I have to steal Thurston's money and bribe The Professor to build you a computer so you can click on the links?

  • megs

    I need a former-witness to interpret here for me!!! What he said makes no sense to me! I'm looking at a blue sky, I'm seeing a blue sky, yet the guy beside me is telling me it's red, and going on about the wonders of the red sky, that to me looks blue...

  • ColdRedRain

    Here's my previous comment:

    Skipper, we were all Flavorade drinking JWs at one point, so nothing you're saying is news to us. We've heard all the petty, inaccurate, shaming language filled propaganda from the platform for a good portion of our lives. We all know it's emotionally charged, vague, flowery speech and we see through it. It's sad that you don't. You're just another JW who's spreading that same vague, flowery, emotionally charged speech everywhere you are. We've seen many like you on this board, and they all disappear after they're shown where their pet religion's bodies are buried.

    Here's where the bodies are buried:

    United Nations Involvement

    Disfellowshipping Child Abuse Victims

    Child Molestors and Sex Offenders Going to Householder's Doors Without Background Checks

    Environmental Law Violations

    Reprinting Embarrassing Quotes

    After you're done reading that, Skipper, try to fix the Minnow so you can get off the island.

  • Guest with Questions
    Guest with Questions

    Hi Schipper, Welcome to the board.

    It's sounds like you have a great love for our Father and His Son. I'm not questioning your sincerity and I'm glad to hear that you question everything that you are taught. I have never been a witness and wonder why you believe that the Watchtower has the truth. As a Christian I don't believe any church or organization has a monopoly on absolute truth. Jesus said that He is the Truth. Come to Him and you will have eternal life. My sense is that the Jesus of the Watchtower is very different from the Christian Jesus. Who do you believe Jesus to be? Is he your Mediator?

    I hope you stick around. I'd be interested in knowing what you believe and why.

  • bluecanary

    Anybody want a slice?

  • ColdRedRain

    [email protected]..


  • megs

    Still seeing a blue sky there... Only red in your mind... I would hasten to say that almost everyone here is seeing a blue sky... I think those of us that are seeing a blue sky are lucky. We aren't wearing rose colored glasses that alter our perception of reality. Sometimes it sucks that the sky isn't red, but ultimately we are no longer shackled to those damn glasses, nothing is clouding our viewpoints, we are free to see the sky as it really is, instead of having it interpreted for us...

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