Ever had some Witness storm out or turn off a Movie you were watching! Which one?

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  • carla

    My jw has stormed out of the room during certain scenes or he would pretend not to watch behind his newspaper. The weird thing is that he gets really upset by certain commercials! One he would nearly fall over himself to find the remote to quickly change it and this was a hamburger joint we are talking about not viagra or something! The rest of us giggle ourselves silly over his anctics. He did actually laugh at a BBC show that made fun of jw's! Another time me & child were cuddled together and nearly had a laughing attack that he left the room and missed a hilarious jw moment in a movie. Of course he wanted to know what was so funny but we didn't have the heart to tell him and because we learned so well from him we quickly changed the subject!

  • jamiebowers

    I wasn't allowed to watch Grease or Saturday Night Live, and my mom threw a fit when I was watching a made for tv movie about Gary Gilmore, (can't remember the title, bt it starred Tommy Lee Jones). My ex insisted we leave the theater during Disney's Fantasia, because Mickey Mouse was practicing magic.

  • Girlie

    I've never experienced that, but a good JW friend of mine told me an experience that she had. She went to the movies with 8 other sisters to see Vantage Point. A few in that group were pioneers and there was the PO's wife. 1 of the sisters (a mentally unstabled pioneer) stormed out of the theater when the violent scenes were featured. Afterwards, they went to get a bite to eat and discussed the movie. Some were ok, while some, including the PO's wife of course, were against it and and went further to criticize the hostess (a sister who always tried to keep things spiritually balanced about entertainment) saying she should have done better research. Of course wifey mentioned it her Prick Overseer husband and he brought it up at a SM, making the other sister feel even worst to the point that she doesn't bother doing movie night anymore.

    I found it laughable myself. Especially the part about the phony pioneer sister who stormed out. Not too long ago, she went to see King Kong and had no problems with it. Of course, not too many "seeing eyes" were around to condemn her for it and she wanted to put up a good front for the PO's wife.

  • JWoods

    I had a JW girlfriend date stand up and walk out of the science fiction thriller THX-1138 because the girl (Mia Farrow? IIRC) got topless and buzzed around with Robert Duvall. Seems that the two of them had kind of gotten off their government-prescribed meds.

    I stayed put, letting her cool her heels in the lobby.

    I was rewarded by that cool turbine car/motorcycle chase in the tunnels at the end.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    My grandmother stormed out when another sister and I were all watching Tombstone, the one with Curt Russel in it. She got grossed out and angry at the bloody violence of it. Now, tell me, when someone gets shot, isn't there a fair amount of blood involved? When a lot of people get shot, which happened in that historical time, isn't there a lot of blood and guts? DUH! I loved that movie.

  • blondie

    I guess these jws are going to have to shut their eyes and ears when 7 billion humans, men, women and children are destroyed forever, eh?

  • undercover
    My grandmother stormed out when another sister and I were all watching Tombstone, the one with Curt Russel in it. She got grossed out and angry at the bloody violence of it.

    She must have walked out in the first five minutes. That's when the "cowboys" raided the Mexican wedding and shot up the village.

    I knew we were in for a great movie when Johnny Ringo shot the priest in the head...

  • tydy

    Crocodile Dundee........Yeah, My pioneer sister in law and her husband walked out when the girl bent over to get some water while wearing her skimpy swimsuit. There were a few cuss words at the beginning of the movie that made them squirm. Oh well. We sat there and watched the rest of it even though we'd seen it before.

  • keeshondgirl

    harry potter. I wanted to watch it so bad but felt guilty of even thinking of watching it. they would say at the platform that it was demonic because of the magic in it and everyone from our cong. felt that way. Now my husband and I watch it whenever we want...guilt-free!!

  • mrsjones5

    The last time my parents came out to visit us in Indiana my father flatly refused to watch "40 year old Virgin". He said the word virgin meant the movie would have some sort of sexual issue and since he is a jw that not something he wants to watch. I tried to explain that the hero of the movie true enough was a virgin but he doesn't give up the cookie until the last part of the movie after he marries his true love. Dad stood firm and would not watch the movie. I went to bed. Mother went to her room. Hubby stayed up and suggested that he and my father watch "I think I love my wife" a R rated movie starring Chris Rock. Dad agreed and watched that whole damn thing, which was full of very strong language and sexually situtations - more than the "40 year old Virgin" and enjoyed it!

    Hubby set my father up on purpose.

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