Ever had some Witness storm out or turn off a Movie you were watching! Which one?

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  • SixofNine
    I remember JW's watching Austin Powers movies and being OK with it because it wasn't rated R, The same people that would not watch an R movie with an Adult story, thinking plot, with a message!

    Eggsactly. After I'd left, but still was able to hang out with my family, a group of my sisters and nieces and friends went to see the new James Bond movie, at the same time I went to see (and took my young daughter, if I remember correctly) The Insider (rated R... a true story of a tobacco industry chemist who blew the whistle on the tobacco firms). I made sure they had to turn down my invite, so I'd have the chance to gently point out how effing legalistic and ridiculous their Ratings-psuedo-doctrine is.

  • BizzyBee

    I took my JW aunt to see "Love Story," which, having already seen it, I had found to be very moving. I thought she would like it - such a tearjerker. She was very uptight - I was newly faded - they did not know what to do with me. I also worked for the theater company and got myself and guests in free. She insisted on paying me - I insisted that that was not even possible. She also insisted on taking her son - about 11 -even thought I said that would not be a good idea due to the language. She left the theatre - with her son - in a huff after about 30 minutes into the movie. I felt humiliated and angry. My parents did the same thing to me when I took them to see M*A*S*H*. My mistake, I guess.

  • daman8410

    You know not really but must of the crap they told me was that the music and rap lyrics that i listened to were "inappropriate" for a christian man while its ok if they do exactly what they tell you not to. what do they think that they are closer to god or something? F**king hypocrites!!!

  • Snoozy

    Well I wasn't raised a witness but my mom wouldn't let me watch Johnny Carson, said he was too vulgar..

    When I later became a witness and was on the verge of leaving after 15 years(1974) hubby and I and the teenage kids decided to go see the "Original" Texas Chainsaw Massacre" movie. Back then it was said to be based on a true story.


    Well I thought we could handle it and there weren't too many shows to pick from. We got about a third of the way in and the violence started. Too me after being in the JW religion for so long was shocked. Just the thought that someone actually could do that to another human being was terrible in my mind and I told hubby I wanted to leave..(He had been raised a JW but wan't strong back then). He laughed and said No.

    I told them I wasn't staying to watch such a sickening thing and ran out of the theatre, thinking they would all follow me. Nope..I sat in the car and waited for the show to be over, when people started coming out I locked the doors thinking anyone that could get enjoyment from watching someone get hacked up had to be crazy. Especially since there supposedly really was such a looney person that did that!

    We drove home in silence. I still think that the idea that people are so used to seeing that sort of thing is sad. They go to any extreme they can just for a "High".

    Funny, I still like murder mysteries though... Just not the ones where they get hacked into little pieces and not the ones based on actual facts. Just the Colonel Mustards did it in the library type..

  • creativhoney

    There is a jw family that will walk out of your house if you are playing Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty because they consider these movies as spiritistic.

    gotta laugh - my ex husband and I used to have a giggle because some people are so pompous. - they always say about your dvds would you have that on the shelf if jesus was in the room? and there was this brother, brother scholes, and we always used to say ' would Jesus have that on his shelf if Bro Scholes was in the room'? hee hee

  • Caedes


    Everybody knows that the modern flush toilet was invented by Thomas Crapper. The bowl had "Thos. Crapper & Co" inside it . Thats where the term going for a crap comes from.

    I'm afraid that it is not true that thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet and the use of the word crap predates Thomas Crapper's sanitation business.


    Although I have quoted Snopes it was discussed at some length on the show QED and Wikipedia can point you in the direction of more reputable sources for the inventor of the flush toilet.

  • DaCheech

    remember, you're not supposed to be distracted with worldly music during field circus.

    don't even have the radio on! or piosneer will call you out!

  • sspo

    Ex would never allow us to watch "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts.

    I loved it, she felt it was exulting prostitution.

  • creativhoney

    exulting prostitution

    Who invents these phrases? a favourite of my mums was 'totally unsuitable' it still rings in my ears

  • undercover

    Speaking of Weekend at Bernie's...

    The sequel had Bernie being taken to some kind of voodoo thing to try to bring him back alive to find the money that was stolen. We rented it and had some dub friends over to watch it, but they refused to watch it because of the voodoo part.

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