Ever had some Witness storm out or turn off a Movie you were watching! Which one?

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I was watching Steve Martin "Leap of Faith" PG rated mind you with some Witnesses. He plays a fake faith healer. Their were a couple swear words, and the brothers asked me to switch it off.

    Same thing happened with Christine Applegate movie {PG 13} "Don't tell Mom the babysiters dead." Switch off for being too "worldly."

    One Bethelite stormed out during "Alive" the true story of an Argentine soccer team lost in a plane crash.....this was after our Pioneer Meeting lol...he's done this once before, he would just storm off home to Bethel, what a Jackass!

  • Caedes

    "Busty Brenda's Boll*ck bonanza" didn't go down too well with my parents!

  • lisavegas420

    I wasn't allowed to see Saturday Night Fever. Couple years later, when it came out on TV, I was told I still couldn't watch it,..even though all the good parts had been cut out.


  • designs

    Paint Your Wagon- I was told it was immoral....go figure.

    99% of all Witnesses have nver seen Mel Gibson's The Last Passion of Christ.

    The movie has some flaws, particularly the slow motion falling scenes in the passion walk,and I wouldn't let a child view it because of the violence, but it was an interesting retelling of the story.

  • AnnOMaly

    One Bethelite stormed out during "Alive" the true story of an Argentine soccer team lost in a plane crash.....

    I'm curious. Did he storm off during the crash scene (too violent)? Or was it when they started eating the frozen dead (without draining the blood first)?

  • blondie

    I never had someone do that but I did sit in the audience at an assembly and have the CO trash a movie from the platform....Scream, Star Wars, Star Trek as being too violent. The same CO that never missed a Packers game even ones where the players jumped on a player and injured him seriously. I guess that isn't violence.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    A circuit overseer named MEGA told our congregation that the sisters were not to watch soap operas, especially the Spanish ones. He also told us that if we were seen in line at a theater for an R rated feature we should expect to be called back to the little room for a jc.

    My sister's late husband was a total ass. He used to hit her and molest their kids besides doing meth, smoking pot and getting drunk. He would get mad if someone said shit instead of poop....etc. He also used to threaten us with the elders if he saw that we had an R rated movie. He would stand up and howl, "THAT'S RATED R!!!!" "I'm gonna tell the elderrrrrzzzz!"


    Once my wife and her brother who was a congregation elder were in my home watching TERMINATOR 2 while I was working on my truck. He came by to help me, but since he was a big tub of lard, he had to go inside to grab a snack first. He "caught" them watching the movie and pitched a fit like I described above. Then he sat down to read a Spanish WT or Asleep magazine....UPSIDE DOWN! What a freak. I am glad he died such a horrible death. I am sorry but it's true. He made life so miserable for my sissy and the kids. His death was a blessing.

  • mindmelda

    How presumptuous and rude! Let em decide what they watch in their own homes. What gives them the right to censor entertainment for others?

    I found myself laughing at our former congregation's wholesale condemnation of the Harry Potter movies because they have wizards in them, but nearly all the elders lined up eagerly to watch the Lord of the Rings movies when they came out, even though they're also about wizards and magical beings, and even have a battle between a wizard and a demon in them.

    We were also criticized for playing World of Warcraft, because it has magic, demons and wizards in it. Never mind that it's ALL make believe. LOL Seriously, do they really believe that people wave wands and staffs and utter nonsense words and supernatural things happen?

  • Satanus

    I haven't seen mel gibsons passion of christ, because i'm not into seeing torture. Christians love it. I don't mind violent movies, though.


  • VIII

    Brokeback Mountain.

    My mom said the homosexual sex was too much for her. She had to flee the theater.

    I had to ask what she expected, since no secret was made about what the movie was about? She got silent and said she had to go.

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