New to Halloween...What do YOU do?

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  • Lillith26

    We dont do halloween in Australia- But it looks like fun- I like the idea of having a 'barn party' with a fire (burning man a bit much for me- but hey -each to his own:)). So when is Halloween exactly??

  • dissed

    Halloween is celebrated on October 31st.

    For those not familiar with the custom.

    Kids dress up, go door-to-door demanding candy from householders, then yell insults if they don't give them a generous contribution. Very similar to the JW's work.

  • BabaYaga

    No way are you making too much of this... you have a lot of "making up" to do! Have fun!

    No one who knows me would believe this... (because I love All Hallows and look forward to it all year!) but I was very hesitant to "partake" in any Halloween festivities for a while after I was out. It was one of my "cling-to's", I'm afraid. I was still freaked about the demons, I admit it.

    Ah, well. All is well that end's well, and I am happy to say I revel in it all now. Lesson here is: Do exactly what you are comfortable with when you are "fresh out", no more, no less.

    Enjoy it.

  • Gregor

    Buy some candy at WalMart. Leave the porch light on. Enjoy the cute little kids who are so excited. The awkward early teens are kind of sweet too. Geez, I'm getting old.

  • BabaYaga

    Gregor said:

    Enjoy the cute little kids who are so excited. The awkward early teens are kind of sweet too.

    Jeez, Gregor, you're losing your edge! HA!!!!

    You are so right... the kids are the BEST... their weird little costumes and their excited little faces!

  • mrsjones5

    We have fun. I don't buy costumes for my kids, they have to create something and I will help them with their creations. This year since we don't live in an enclosed neighborhood my husband and I will be going out with the kids. They might not get as much candy but that's OK.

  • chickpea

    my kids are all late teens or older
    so i cut the ones at home
    loose to go to costume
    events or whatever....
    usually it is a movie night with
    scary- a$$ horror stuff....

    the 21 YO daughter is a total
    costume addict so she finds
    a masque to attend and has
    a great time planning the costume

  • jeanniebeanz

    I love Halloween! The scary, the silly and the beautiful... it's all good. I buy about 40# of candy and we alternate years, one year we will trick-or-treat and the next, we'll decorate the front yard and patio and carve about a dozen pumpkins, hang ghosties and witches (my favorite is the witch that looks like she's flown into the side of the house and just stuck there) and scare kids that come to the door. I'll peek out the window before opening the door, if there are real little ones in the group, I don't jump out and yell "Booooooo!!", but if you are a teenager or adult, I hope you brought spare shorts because YOU ARE MINE!!!!! You will scream! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *ahem* sorry...

    For me, it is just about having a blast. Believe me, the neighbors who I have 'boo'd' in the past lie in wait on the year they know we'll be trick-or'treating and pay back is, indeed, a B**ch... wouldn't have it any other way though.

    God... I hope I never have to grow up.


  • beksbks

    I've been doing it all since I left the dubs!! First it was me as a young adult in San Francisco. Halloween is San Francisco's holiday, what a blast. Then it was me with little kids, dressing up since the age of 4 months. I made their costumes myself until they were in grade school, and wanted to do it themselves. Ohhh I made some wonderful elaborate stuff! A civil war soldier, and and Indian squaw, a Renaissance lady, and a page, Cleopatra, a Princess and a wood elf. So much fun! I still have the costumes. Now they are off on their own. I decorate the house, and don a costume myself to hand out candy. It's wonderful!

    Bourne, don't let a holiday go by without making something of it. Make your own traditions, and take lots of pictures. It's the stuff of life. There are dishes that my kids always ask for at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It still thrills me and seems new, even though this will be my 30th holiday season celebrating.

  • jamiebowers

    My husband decorates the yard, scary dummy and all. I give out candy and take pictures of the grandkids. We usually have between 200 to 300 trick or treaters. Then all the kids go downtown for the cake walk. It's a great time!

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