New to Halloween...What do YOU do?

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  • Bourne

    I almost forgot....the Scooby-Doo cartoons and especially the Charlie Brown Halloween Special really added to my childish excitement.

    ...ah the memories.....

  • cameo-d

    Halloween derrives from rituals of "hallowing the earth". It was a time when the bones and carcasses of the blood sacrifices were buried.

    Now the dead return for revenge and wandering on Halloween. Ghosts and skeletons of the human sacrifices. Witches...the heretics burned at the stake.

    An occult resurrection, if you will.

    The eve of Oct. 31 is the beginning of a three day observance in some countries. All Saints day; All Souls Day; Day of the Dead...

    from Darkside Parlor:

    The belief in the vampire and ghoul was prevalent even in Babylon and Assyria, where it was maintained that the dead could appear again upon the earth and seek sustenance from the living. The belief is, in all probability, linked up with the almost universal theory that transfused blood is necessary for revivification. Baths of human blood were anciently prescribed as a possible remedy for leprosy.

  • Bourne
  • Bourne
  • Priest73

    Thanks for the reminder. (Pick up more razor blades and apples.)

  • sacolton

    Don't forget to decorate your house. This is what I did to mine on the first year I was out ...

  • Bourne

    Pretty cool. I especially like the teeth....and tongue?

  • Uzzah

    I love Halloween and now that I own my own home I am sooo into decorating it for this holiday.

    I am away this year on business and am a little disappointed I can't decorate this year but I really loved giving away candy to the kids last year. Next year I am going to have a "house of horrors' for kids to go through in my car port. IT is all good natured fun and a memory of fun times as a child.

    Just because I didn't get to enjoy it as a child sdoesn't mean I can't be a part of other childrens' memories.

    It is harmless fun.

  • bluecanary

    This will be my first halloween celebration (I did wear a costume to work last year, but that was it). I'm going to have some friends over for food, drinks and a murder mystery game.

  • Jadeen

    bluecanary, are you going to dress up this year? A friend of mine has a huge party- thinking of dressing up as Alice in Wonderland this year. The American McGee version, not Disney's.

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