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  • cantleave

    Newwitness, welcome to the board. You will meet sometruly lovely people in your congregation. They will provide a great deal of support and make you feel welcome. By and large they are genuinely wonderful people. They will tell you that the organisation the safest place to be. That the world that you have left is full of evil and doomed for iminent destruction. People who ahve left the organisation will be described to you foolish, if they speak against the christian congregation they are wicked, working on behalf of Sata, he is angry that you have become baptised and wants you back in the world because he wants to take as many people down with him as possible.

    You will also be told that loved ones you have lost in death will be seen again, in a beautiful paradise, in fact the christian congregation is a spiritual paradise and will give you a taste of what is to come.

    But newwitness, as you continue to to grow spiritually you will have questions. Ask them, don't allow answers that indicate that time will reveal the truth, we don't have it YET. The truth should be simple, logical and clear. It should be verifiable and strong enough to withstand reasonable questioning.

    Remember Jehovah is a God of love. Think about what you are being taught with regard to the destruction of innocent children, find out out what disfellowshipping really means to family members and investigate why a heamophilliac in the 1980's could not accept factor VIII and would die, but one today can be treated with factor VIII and live. Wpould a loving god want his friends to undergo suffering because of a policy, even if there was theopportunity for life everlasting in the future.

    Ask questions about the year 1914 and the generation that would see the begining and end of the events leading to Armageddon. Ask why in the 1920's an announcement was made that millions now living will never die. Ask why Original sin of humans resulted in the cruelty found in the animal kingdom.

    If you ask these questions and properly investigate them, using a full range of resources from liraries or the internet, and are satisfied that you have found the answers then I congratulate you. If not be careful that you don't isolate yourself from previous friends ,acquintances and family, because you may one day need them more than you can imagine.

    Ohhh and read Ray Franz's book crisis of conscience with an open mind - there's nothing to fear, just an insight into how the organisation works.

  • Simon

    Sigh, so many paranoid, intollerant people showing shitty attitudes on here.


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Bizzy Bee,

    De is the word used in a few other languages to denote posession. I noticed a lot of Spanish brothers and sisters when saying Jehovah's Witnesses leave off the 's.

    Okay, I'll give poster a chance, like I said at the start.

  • ColdRedRain

    "I recently just got baptise an so excited to start my new life. Is there anyone have anyting to say fars how to keep myself close to God."

    Get yourself voluntarially committed in a psych ward. You'll see smarter people and you'll have more freedom. Take my word on this.

  • mouthy

    Sigh, so many paranoid, intollerant people showing shitty attitudes on here.


    SIMON SAYS!!!!So listen!!!! else you will be sent to your rooms.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Cold, a wee bit of advice: Read previous posters before you post yours, because you never know when the board owner has posted a warning about jerky attitudes of posters.


    Our Newbie is long gone..


  • RubaDub

    Newwitness ...

    Congradulations and welcome to the board.

    Having been a JW all my life, there are 3 things that I have always felt are important to maintain your spiritual health:

    1. Keep current in Personal study and Meeting attendence,

    2. Follow the direction given by the Elders in the congregation,

    3. Prayerfully seek help in strictly observing the One Towel Rule

    Rub a Dub

  • reniaa

    I suppose one good thing of this is, that with so many thoroughly anti-witness posters on here, new posters are very clearly shown the intent of many against JW's straight away and more openly these days. I wonder how many of you realise how scarily hate-filled you actually come across sometimes?


  • yknot

    Hey Reniaa Welcome Back!!!

    NewWitness if you comeback to read this thread.......

    You asked:

    I recently just got baptise an so excited to start my new life. Is there anyone have anyting to say fars how to keep myself close to God.

    Well first I would suggest you remember to keep up a healthy relationship with your mediator Jesus. Jesus is our Great Teacher! While we all fall short of perfection this does not mean that we can not train our conscience to discern things that please Jehovah by continuously studying his WORD and keep our relationship constant versus being occassional in communication and recognition (which can lead to backsliding). Remember to not only seek forgiveness but to freely forgive as you are forgiven!

    The next thing I would strongly suggest to examine all things like the Bereans in Acts! Remember the 'slave' is imperfect like those Israelites of long ago and mistakes of over-eagerness and other human fraility happen within interpretations and policies but a Witness who knows their Bible can easily discern what is of Jehovah and what is from man.

    I hope you do join in some of our weekly WT discussions. A balanced discussion is healthy and the 'opposers' keep active ones on their toes from becoming merely 'followers of men' versus followers of the lamb!

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