NWT - Accurately translated bible rumor

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  • ldrnomo

    Checked it out bluecanary. Damn I hate it when the bORG gets + points.

  • moshe

    Actually what you asked was true- the Bible is an accurately translated book full of rumors,i.e., "an unverified account or explanation of events circulating from person to person and pertaining to an object, event, or issue in public concern".

  • cameo-d


    I actually saw that episode when Jeopardy asked that question. Of course the respondant answered incorrectly and the host had to read the answer. I fell out of my seat. I could not believe my ears! My head was just spinning.

    So many questions I wanted to ask...like, "by whose authority?"

    Since this has been brought up on the board before and also at various other sites not just JW, I wonder why no one has been able to obtain that clip from the show nor get an answer from the shows producers?

    Perhaps the producers soon backtracked on their "authorative expert answers". If that is the case, then the contestant could challenge their authority....and there goes a lawsuit...or maybe end of the show.

    Not only that, but for jeopardy producers to face the music on that expert answer, they would certainly lose credibility with the general public.

    I would be particularly interested to know who submitted that question and answer and what the person's motives were.

    Was it an initiation challenge he had to meet? (That's the way secret societies work)

    Was it an obligation of payback? (That's the way secret societies work, also)

    Was this person bribed monetarily to it? (That's also a membership benefit)

    I am sure all of this has been discussed behind closed doors. You will probably never hear a truthful response to your question from anyone affiliated with that production. When you have money and power and oaths involved, truth will be swept under the carpet everytime.

    And as for this Dr. Jason DeDuhn.... Any production that claims to have "the experts" should demand that "their experts" have more experience in verifying information. To base an answer on one opinion is a grave error when there is money and reputation at stake.

    I think there was something fishy about the whole thing.

    The question was not one that could be answered as a FACT. And that seems to go against the standard of the rules.

  • wha happened?
  • OnTheWayOut

    Not to disagree with Cameo-D, but.....

    I had a thread about this about 2 years ago: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/133542/1/NWT-on-Jeopardy-NOT

    So I get an email from a JW, good friend. He sends a bulk mail that was sent to him and spread around.

    Notice the main content:

    Recently on Jeopardy on TV, the questions was- What is the most accurate translation of the Holy Scriptures?

    No one got the correct answer, so Alex Trebek said "New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, printed

    by Watchtower Bible Tract Society.

    So here was my answer: I researched Jeopardy archives, pretty easy to do. The site is J-archive.com. Just search for "Bible" and all

    the questions for a year or more come up. Search "New World Translation" and nothing comes up. This

    would be an opinion question, not a fact question, so they would avoid such a question. There was no such

    question with Alex saying "New World Translation." I googled the subject and it is discussed in various places

    on the web. This is the best possible reason why this untrue statement is circulating:

    it's a POWERPOINT GAME someone made up and posted on the internet and called it "Theology Jeopardy."

    It isn't the TV Jeopardy, and any common sense adult thinking person would know they would never endorse

    one over the other. For all we know, a Jw posted it and then used it as proof. Be careful what you email. Don't assume it's true because you read it.
  • TheOldHippie

    Some here write they actually SAW the episode.

    Others write there never was such an episode, it was just a computer game.

    So - some saw it, others saythey couldn't have. What's Da Truth?

  • PSacramento

    It was NEVER an asnwer/question on the Jeopardy TV show.

    First off, the show gives the ANSWER so Alex woudl habve never asked an question.

    Second, the website that has ALL the episodes and answers/questions from ALL the seasons, the J-archive one, doesn't have that there.

    Third, I have a letter that I downloaded from a website that shows the Jeopardy people's response to this rumor and that said that this answer was never given in any show, according to their records.

    So if ANYONE saw it on the TV show, please post the time you say it and anythign else you can remember so we can get to the bottom of this.

  • Girlie

    My thought exactly Hippie. I know I never saw the episode. I just got the same email that OTWO got. I tried looking it up and couldn't find anything on it. Most of the sites that do mention it are independent run. Who knows......

  • bluecanary

    PS, they phrased it in the usual question/answer format. The answer: the most accurate Bible translation. The question: what is the NWT? I agree that it is an opinion rather than a fact-based question and should never have been used. That may very well be why they abolished any record of it; they could get a lawsuit from contestants for a dumb-ass question like that. Nonetheless it did air on television. My mother was with me and we both clearly remember the episode. I didn't note the date or time of the show because it never occured to me that it would be necessary. I can't give that kind of detail about shows I cared a lot more about. I understand that my anecdotal experience needn't be taken as proof by anyone, but I hope it would at least open up the possibility.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Yep, http://www.j-archive.com/ is the best resource to check the validity of this question. This quesetion not exsist.

    It never happened!

    When I was leaving the org an Elder actually used this as proof during a judicial committee that the Watchtower was the best and most accurate religion.

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