NWT - Accurately translated bible rumor

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  • bluecanary

    Trebek was definitely hosting the episode I saw.

  • PSacramento

    I will try to find out, again...

  • Girlie

    Well, the email I received about this was circulating around 2004, so it could have possibly been around that time of this said episode.

  • PSacramento

    Nothing on the J-archive site, still.

    I doubt it had anything to do with Jason's book or Jason, if it had and the jeopardy people "erased" it , he'd be all over them like a footbal player on a prom queen.

    I sent TD the copy of the letter from the Jeopardy people, he said he could host it and link it here.

  • TD

    PSacramento's letter:

  • Farkel

    As every serious Bible Scholar knows, the best place to find the most accurate answers on the accuracy of Bible translations and Hebrew, Aramaic and Koine Greek exegesis is the television show "Jeopardy." Of course. That goes without saying.


  • tresdecu

    Seems this letter proves it. Thanks for posting. Oh wait, the writers and researchers were paid off by the WTS or something, to delete it from their database.

    Thanks to TD and PSacramento for the jpeg of the letter.

    This was even a topic on sony pictures message board (producers of Jep?) back in 07:


  • PSacramento

    I want to make it clear that I got that letter from another website that contact the Jeopardy people.

    I personally have never gotten that far in this research so I send out props for those that have !

    I take no credit other than saving the letter from that website.

    I have searched and searched again and found nothing at all...

  • sir82

    Well of course they're going to say it was never a question!

    The reptilian overlord Bilderberger black-helicopter pilots paid them with Templar gold too!

  • PSacramento

    On the issue of a conspiracy,

    Here is the thing, if a an answer was given (question) and money awarded, there must be, legally, a record of that, there are legal issues here that must be respected.

    IF the jeopardy people deleted hostory of that question/answer, then the money awarded is calle dinto question, also called into question is whether that question made the difference in a person winning the contest.

    Many legal issues arise here.

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