NWT - Accurately translated bible rumor

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  • blondie

    PS, thanks for the copy of the letter. I wonder how many inquiries they got? Reminds me of all the inquiries to the UN re the WTS being an NGO.

  • bluecanary

    PS, since no one got the question correct, no money was awarded. Do unanswered questions affect game play?

  • cameo-d

    Actually this is very much like the WT-UN scandal.

    Once they were "found out" they scrambled to come up with a cover.

    So now Jeopardy attributes it to "internet rumor".

    And as for their denial, perhaps the quote from the posted letter was not "The Exact Wording" of the question, therefore they deny it by default.

    Fact is...I am calling them out.

    Jeopardy producers...you are LIARS.

    Alex Trebec you know this denial is a lie and so do the contestants that were on the show that day.

    But you know what....the chickens always come home to roost!

    And I bet real soon we are going to see some skeletons coming out of the closet......all of you!

  • blondie

    I guess you weren't a poster yet when that happened about the UN. On JWD/JWN. the letter was accepted as valid from the UN confirming that the WTS had been an NGO. Comparing it to the Jeopardy letter as not being valid is misguided and ill-informed. I am more likely to believe the Jeopardy people than you cameo-d, who I don't know and has no reputation for good research, and now it seems just wild, unsubstantiated statements.

  • cameo-d

    Blondie: On JWD/JWN. the letter was accepted as valid from the UN confirming that the WTS had been an NGO.

    yes, I am aware of that letter.

    What I was referring to was the way WT first denied it...then scrambled to "cover" it with the "library card" excuse.

    That is what I was comparing to the jeopardy letter. I suppose I wasn't clear.

  • PSacramento

    As of today, I ahve not been able to find any proof that, during ANY Jeopardy episode that, The New World Translation was a clue or answer.

    I am stumped and as much as I wanna find out the truth,one way or another, I don't think I can.


    As for BC's question in regards to if no one answers does it matter, I would think so, money lost is not money earned...

    But I don't think anyone cares that much on BOTH camps.

  • Pistoff

    All said and done, of what would the NWT be the most accurate translation of?

    Something someone wrote down, of what they or another person could remember, that someone else said that a person they knew heard or saw.

    That is what the Bible is: recording by a scribe, priest, or 1st/2nd century writer. Writings by a literate class, of sayings passed on by illiterate people.

    All with an agenda.

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