Most annoying and irritating comments by JWs

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  • whathehadas

    Since I'm still suffering in this crackerjacks organization, these are some of statements that just drive me nuts. 1. In service: "We are not here to convert you" Funny how JWs have the true religion but resort to deception and outright lies in order to get people to listen 2. To other JWs: "We won't have to deal with this in the New System" 7 billion evil doers dead and gone, no longer create problems for us 3. To other JWs: "If it wasn't for the TRUTH, I would be dead now" Funny how joining a organization some how made you stay alive but 99.9999% of unbelievers will die, unless they manage to live for you to knock on their doors 4. To other JWs: "Wait on Jehovah" In other words "Close your mouth and wait till the Elders or GB handle it" 5. To other JWs: "That was a Good lesson" Funny how every Watchtower and Book study is great. These are mine, what are some of yours?

  • insearchoftruth

    My wife when I asked her about me not being a JW.....her response.

    You are a smart man, you will figure it out.

  • awildflower

    I always hated, "if it be Jehovah's will.........". And also, "sometimes the answer from Jehovah is no......". Like if something good happened to you, it was Jehovah's will and if it didn't the answer was 'no' from him and it wasn't his will. That stuff is such crap!

  • blondie

    5. To other JWs: "That was a Good lesson" Funny how every Watchtower and Book study is great.

    But then you ask them, "So, what point or scripture stood out or you think you can apply?" And you get the blank look and that includes the WT study overseer or book now bible study overseer.

  • whathehadas

    LOL Blondie, I asked myself that same question after hearing that Good lesson comment and I could not answer it. The spiritual food must have come out after I escaped to use the Restroom!

  • alanv

    I used to pioneer and regularly told people I wasn't there to convert them. Who was I kidding. I supose I rationalized it by thinking ' it is up to them if they accept the truth'. Certainly though the society wanted them converted.

  • Quandry

    "Yes, but the elders are imperfect"

    "Running ahead of Jehovah's celestial chariot"

    "Let us enjoy this 'spiritual buffet'"

    "We're so close to the end"

  • Marlene

    When commenting on a cute animal, "One day they can all be your friends!"

  • mrsjones5

    Said to me by my father: "You know we don't celebrate holidays." Duh!! Of course I know. I had it drilled into my head from birth. Just because I left doesn't mean I forgot that oh so important fact.

  • dinah

    When I asked my Mom how Holy Spirit could have possibly appointed Brother X as an elder, her reply was "But he was removed!" Mmmkay, so Holy Spirit screws up every now and then??!!

    Also the whole "wait on Jehovah" bullcrap when something was wrong in the congregation (see reference to Brother X above).

    I think the main reason I was df'd was because I got in the PO's face about Brother X. He was my best friend's Dad and he was just an evil little man. I think the PO said something to the effect that I had my own problems and Brother X would be dealt with in time. I made a smart-ass comment to him about how I seriously doubted that (imagine that! ) Within two weeks, *poof* I was gone.

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