Most annoying and irritating comments by JWs

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  • Robert7

    "...if this system lasts that long..." So referring to the future is bad since you're supposed to hope that this world is to end.

    "I will need a new car in a few years... if this system lasts that long..."

  • JWoods
    "I will need a new car in a few years... if this system lasts that long..."

    My new 20 year business plan tells me that -

    I will need all new printing presses in Canada soon - "if this system lasts that long..."

  • yknot

    From this mornings pass out stupid DC invites meet-up.....

    "Slave's abundant spiritual provisions".... I chided the brother later to remind him he should have said "and it's GB"

    "Light is getting brighter".....

    and for a certain Brother who is clueless....."1975 was correct on the end of 6000 years, but we (R&F) expected more then Christ's Brothers really ever encouraged"....... ((( Yeah I am gonna be sitting right next to him and his family at Saturday's DC just to watch the expression on his face when the Bethel Speaker 'says 1914, 1925, & 1975 were cases of the 'Brothers'(Christ's Brothers that is notR&F) were overly 'eager' !!!!!))))))

  • Farkel

    "Please come back to Jehovah" (said to someone who has become inactive)

    What is really scary is that they say this with the utmost sincerety.


  • Girlie

    If you leave the truth, where will you go? (home maybe?)

    I rather deal with imperfection from the organization then the imperfection from the world any day. (I suppose you just sit at home after the meetings and/or field service and stick both fingers in your ears and go LA LA LA LA LA LA LA until next meeting or field service time)

  • bluecanary

    Told to me by a brother at Bethel: "Just do whatever the elders tell you. They've never been known to steer anyone wrong."

  • VIII

    "Pray to Jehovah and he'll answer all your prayers."

    This being said to a person with terminal cancer. Who happened to declare they didn't believe in Jehovah anymore. And they hated, yes, hated the JWs. (not me; yet, on the cancer part) They were then told to try some Asian homeopathic herbs for the cancer. Seriously. I almost cried laughing when I read the e-mail. It circulated within the family.

    They are all nutz.

  • jookbeard

    the stupid elders on my J/C , opening with a prayer and asking their evil god of the Old Testament for the holy spirit to be on the meeting, and then kicking you out! and how could I forget the old" sinning against the holy spirit"

  • caliber

    Brothers could you do more ?

  • darkl1ght3r

    Two things that have been burned into my head... both from the same District Overseer:

    "We should be thankful that we are not required to take up arms in defense of Jehovah's name. However we should be prepared to do so if commanded by Jehovah through the Faithful and Discreet Slave. If Jehovah tells us to go and kill in his name then that's what we must do. I know I can think of a few people I'd like to kill."

    Also by the same DO, referring to Black people (he himself was black): "...we are an ugly race. Perhaps Jehovah will make us right in the new system." ...

    I'm not even black, and I was deeply deeply offended by that. I guess that moron has never heard of Beyonce Knowles, Alicia Keyes, Zoe Saldana, Tyra Banks, Thandie Newton, Angela Basset, Tyson Beckford, Will Smith, etc...

    To be fair, most (if not all) of the dubs I spoke with who also heard these comments were also offended. But still, where was Jehovah's holy spirit to prevent him from making such asinine comments?!?!

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