Most annoying and irritating comments by JWs

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  • darkl1ght3r

    "That's commendable."

  • whathehadas

    That brings to mind one elder who use to always make statements like this when he counseled; For ex. "It's good that you enjoy socializing, Jehovah is a happy God and wants us to be happy too. We all want to enjoy company with friends that we love and cherish the association that we get from them. BUT do you THINK is associate with those who are not Jehovah's people, Especially those who are pronounced as APOSTATES." Then he would say "Do you have your Bible handy." I used to HATE THIS!!!!!!

  • Ténébreux

    When someone leaves, it's never because they don't believe it's true anymore - no, they "don't want the truth". Nice, isn't it? Makes them sound insane and irrational even before any discussion about their reasons.

  • Edington

    'as long as you are doing your 'all' for Jehovah he'll be happy with that'

    'a career in this system is like polishing the bell on a sinking ship'

    'the five meetings a week are like your five fingers keeping grip on the truth, let go of one meeting & blah blah'

    'make sure you stay at the centre of the congregation for Satan is like a lion ready to pick off any stragglers'

    'the best assembly ever'

    'dear Jehovah thank you for your faithful & discreet slave providing this food at the proper time'

  • cameo-d

    VIII: "So glad we know what Jehovah has in store for the righteous and for the
    wicked ones. So glad all the wicked will be done away with soon. "

    The odd thing here is that when I think of "the wicked" I think of people with no conscience or remorse. People who murder, rape and pillage.

    But according to jehovahs decrees in bible scripture.... it implies that the wicked people like that will still be around. Jehovah says the housecleaning and annihilation will start with the sanctuary. That means APOSTATES will be the first to be done away with.

    Doesn't it?

  • Anti-Christ

    "Do you still believe in the truth?" I get ask this and it drives me crazy. Now I just answer "do you realise what you just said? Just because you believe something does not make it true" Most of the time a get a daze and confused look.

  • fokyc

    When 5 elders have all told different lies about the same thing,

    I am told by sister fokyc, "We must leave it in Jehovah's hands".

    and "It will be sorted out in the end", "Jehovah doesn't have the same time frame as us".

    But he appointed these stupid b******s, why don't they tell the truth in the beginning?

    I am very sadly, disillusioned about Jehovah, but particularly about 'his' earthly organisation!


  • bluecanary
    "Do you still believe in the truth?"

    Of course! I only believe things that are true. Why would I choose to believe lies?

  • palmtree67

    My top 2:

    1. Any problem you have the first thing people ask is - Have you prayed about it?

    2. Calling each other "brother" and "sister", then treating each other like crap.

  • Quirky1

    I get really annoyed when something is going on my kids lives and the JW wifey says it's because they "fell out of the truth" or "they are in the world"...Sheesh!! Makes me wanna puke...

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