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  • yknot

    .... not games...but

    I bring MP3s of books for my children for when they get bored and are tired of any notebook I put together. Discreetly plugged in the ears, book hidden via WT or other acceptable item, makes the meeting whiz by many times....

    I think I read somewhere that BF surfs JWN with his phone hidden in the mag.....

  • Heaven
  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Go back to college and make note cards of things you have to study, tuck them inside your book, sure to get an A+. Make out your to do list. Wander out to the car to tidy it up. Offer to walk babies. Pinch your own baby and walk around outside with it. Take a laxative 6 hours before the meeting. The one that used to really piss me off when I was "in": clip your nails or tend to other personal hygiene needs during the public talk.

  • reniaa

    /sigh cantleave from doubter to despiser of people around you in just a few months. yet another reason why the apostate road would never appeal to me. I would never want to be someone that resorted to childish games with people I would once have called brothers and sisters and now only despise in my heart.


  • passwordprotected

    Reniaa, you mean you wouldn't describe your ducking and diving on here as 'childish games'?

  • ninja

    "despiser of people around you in just a few months"

    are you talking about JW's attitude to "apostates" trevor?

  • ninja

    as my mrs is invited out for a meal tonight .....and to see a concert with witnesses as I sit in ignored.......tbh....I am pretty pissed off that she would sit with those that "despise" me....

  • ninja

    but what can you trev.....?

  • ninja

    ya flucking.....(it ryhmes with) ...plick

  • cantleave

    Reniaa, I do not despise those around me. They have been misled in the same way I have. I despise the manipulative, controlling methods used by those who are suspossed to dispense refreshment to those weary of heart. These people change policy to suit the situation, they lie about these policy changes, they spit people out who legitimately ask questions and encourage the break up of families to retain control. Yes Reniaa I do despise such despicable behaviour, and if if I can help my friends see that they are being misled I will do whatever I have to.

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