in love with a JW

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  • drwtsn32
    /sigh as you can see this is an anti-witness site with EXTREME bias against witnesses!

    Oh you really think we are biased against the JWs? Honey, what gave you that idea?

  • carla

    People are biased about a cult that destoys families due to extreme shunning, sweeps child rape under the carpet and allows abusers to continue to abuse, and demands suicide due to an ungodly doctrine that has changed and will likely change yet again? gosh, can't imagine why anyone would be biased against a group like that!

    And that doesn't even touch the heinous way in which the treat the Lord.

  • reniaa

    Hi drwt

    Let me see! maybe the fact some people on here cannot let up for a minute with their bitterness and hate against witnesses, they probably scared the poor poster, I have to say If oompa wasn't married I could kiss him hehe, he is still anti-witness but at least he gave a positive point and didn't just spit out witness hate.

    You seem to be un-involved on this thread so I answered you straightforwardly


  • yknot

    Jimbo my boy......

    Relationships need to be based on mutual respect.

    I am in a 'divided' marriage (me JW, him NOT)and there is a lot of compromising that happens.

    Have you thought about what your personal preferences are for holidays and birthdays regarding your future children?

    What about if a blood transfusion is needed for yourself, her or any of your future children?

    Is she equally willing to learn about her current belief system (truth about the troof) as you would be willing to learn her POV (sanitized sell on conversion)?

    These are issues that should be addressed before committing to marriage with a JW.

    As an active JW I will tell you that I fully endorse the disbelief in trinity, hellfire and immortality of the soul but I would NEVER recommend you become a JW due to the simple fact that the WTS turned into a totalitarian regime (cult) long ago.....

    In fact the WTS even dictates sexual matters in marriages......oral sex could get you disfellowshipped (no I am not kidding!)

    I suggest you download a copy of the 2008 Watchtower Library and continue to post and ask questions here on JWN.

    We have JWs (and Ex-JWs) from many levels of the WTS who will be more then happy to answer or clarify any of your questions!

    I hope you do keep posting here and if she is willing maybe have her join too for a better discussion of yall's situation.

    I have a question now for you.... most JW girls only date JW men ..... so is she 'weak' in her devotion to the Organization or is there just a shortage of eligible Brothers in your area?

    OH and I forgot .....

  • drwtsn32
    You seem to be un-involved on this thread so I answered you straightforwardly

    Thank you sweetie!

    I understand where you're coming from.

    Me? I have some good memories and experiences from when I was a JW. And honestly, I want to kiss oompa too. But I've been too afriad to tell him how I feel. I mean, what if he doesn't think I'm his type?

  • carla

    Telling it like it is not 'hate against the witnesses'. Your own wt says it is not persecution to show that a religion is false. It is not hate to tell an unsuspecting person what he is in for should he end up with a witness spouse. It may sound harsh indeed but that is life with a witness, it will affect every single aspect of your life. Furthermore if he does not become a witness the elders actually have more authority in her decision making than her own husband. It is not loving to lie to the unsuspecting public about the cultish nature and what is involved with this particular group. For all their pride and bragging about their so called 'preaching work' very few people even know who or what they are. It should be public knowledge that they are a dangerous and deadly cult.

  • iknowall558

    OK what if you were only with her because you were told it was the best thing to do............what would she think ?

    So to say that you should become JW only because she thinks its the best thing to do, but not because you really want to .........what would she think?

    Isn't it better to be something, or a part of something because you REALLY WANT TO. If you are co-ersed into being a JW, then you are not really a JW. She will know that. 'Heart' is the centre of every faith. You must believe with your HEART. The scriptures say this. If this girl really wants to be with you, then she will. Shes already fallen for you,........ without you being a JW. She's asking a lot of you. She's asking you to give up the life you know to be told what to do by a group of men in Brooklyn, New York . Are you prepared to do that. A lot of sacrifice will be expected of you now, and for the rest of your life as a JW should you choose to be one.

    You are obviously concerned for her needs, her wants and her happiness, but is she thinking about you and what you want. Are you not already valuable to her without a religion or belief system?

    There are many couples in the org. who are of differing faiths. They promote the 'ideal', where both parties are JWs, but even the ideal is SO NOT THAT. They are not without their problems.

    If she thinks you are perfect together, then this is the dominant thing in her heart. She knows this and believes it. This will win out over what the JWs say, or what they allow. You WILL be together whether you choose to involve yourself or not......although I would strongly advise NOT involving yourself.

  • oompa

    oompa is getting mutiple kisses here??.....geeze what did i do?? it i posted as a hoples romantic in my second post?.....but i do hope they can make it........oomps

    it HAS happend before.....i was at the wedding and by them ever since.....

  • reniaa

    /smile oompa and drwt. I to am a hopeless British romantic

    I hope for the best but prepare for the worst and hope love will prevail.

  • cognac

    Now, now DRWT... lol

    Your in for a Shit Load of Trouble.......................Hang out here and read the storys......JW`s are a Cult.......No one deserves what many here have been through...............................OUTLAW\

    This is sad but I agree... I hate to see these types of things happen...

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