Further Punishements

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  • passwordprotected

    RENIAA Would you feel alright about this if the situation was reversed? What if your parents refused to babysit your kids because you were asked to a Jehovahs Witness social event, purely because they don't agree with JWs and what they teach?

    Good question. I can't speak for Reniaa, but I know JWs who would view it as religious persecution.

  • watson

    I probably missed this suggestion, if so, my apologies. But, why not just tell them, "Ok, we'll take them along, it won't be that difficult." Maybe if they know you will take them to a pagan gathering, they will up and volunteer after all.

  • carla

    Aren't you worried about leaving your kids with jw's?

  • reniaa

    I have to say I have heard a lot of support on these anti-witness forums for not helping a Jw be one especially if they are a spouse in the line of 'make it hard for them' and they may come to their senses.

    I have often felt the need to say 'Don't you think a person has a right to their personal belief in whatever God they choose?' in the face of people saying' it's witnesses or me?'. look at the comment above me that is implying you shouldn't let them babysit on the grounds that they are witnesses, even though they are your parents.

    Is singing praises to your god worship? hmmm if it is the odd religious song amidst just ordinary songs I would say no. But my experience is concerts of the type you are going are worship were everyone goes there to sing and praise the God they worship. And to be honest I not a big fan of religion becoming a social event as apposed to actually being about the God you worship.

    Babysitting for someone to goto their worship is a Personal choice but to be honest I was more against your lack of openess over it.

    Have you made any restrictions on your parents have you told them they are not allowed to take your kids to meetings while babysitting?

    If they did this without telling you on the basis that they don't have to tell you anything, would you be upset?

  • quietlyleaving

    What would you do?

    passwordprotected, I would do what your parents did and I think you would too if you were in their situation. Your parents gave you a dignified answer

    edit: your parents sound like very nice understanding people but who have standards they adhere to and after all they brought you up to be the person you are

  • Blithe Freshman
    Blithe Freshman

    Hi Password,

    I hope you & your son had a good time ! May GOD's grace fill you to respond to this in a Christian manner. I really liked Brocephus's comments.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep


    to be honest I was more against your lack of openess over it

    Since when have JWs become open and honest with their children and their Bible Students?

    Is this a new thing?

    My father had many opportunities to prevent me from making stupid descisions, merely by being open and honest about prophetic failures that had occurred in his lifetime.

    No Jehovah's Witness is in a position to criticize anyone over issues of honesty. Dishonesty is condoned in all cults and that includes JWs with their 'Theocratic Warfare'.

  • Chalam

    Hi Mark,

    I was thinking about this earlier and praying.

    Although we think we are right, your parents also think they are doing the right thing.

    You were with them once so I think you can empathise with them even more.

    Even if they are wrong, you need to honor them, the Lord will bless you for it.

    Exodus 20:12 (New International Version)

    12 "Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

    All the best,


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I may have explained to the parents that this behavior is basically punishing the grandkids, as it will further alienate u from the rest of the family. Then the grandchildren will notice that JW's are really just as nutty as everyone describes them as. I've seen quite a few grandparents step up and quit with the emotional extortion in order to spend time with their grandchildren.

    I was studying with a grandson of a sister in my bookstudy. The mother was df'd and living with her boyfriend. At 1st, the grandma was hardcore and wouldn't have anything to do with the Mom. Unfortunately that meant that the Mom had to get her own babysitting done and it was a real problem at times. Well after one to many incidences with nightmare baby sitters, Grandma started babysitting again and having the grandson over on weekends. Regardless if the Mom was going to a concert, a night out with her boyfriend, or an orgy.

    If they have an ounce of sense, they will come around. Obviously this boomeranged on them as u decided to take your son instead. That is classic and I applaud u.

  • loosie
    False God aka involving another religions God

    Reniaa how can you prove his god is a false god? how can you prove your god is a true god? You can't prove either.

    PW protected... you're a grown man you don't have too tell daddy where you are going. I would tell him that you cna't have him babysit for you anymore because he is in a cult and you can't have that cult influence be a part of your childs life.

    See how long it takes him to bend the rules a little

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