call me lucky...everyone i have met here was real.....but one...

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  • GoddessRachel

    I kind of resent your definition of blowhards, Hemp Lover, and flat-out saying only legitimate people attend apostafests. My first apostafest that I never made it to was because I had a family bridal shower the same day, and I didn't know they overlapped until I had already made plans to attend the apostafest. I chose to go to my cousin's bridal shower and see my "worldly" family I so rarely see. Does that make me a "blowhard" by your definition?

    The second apostafest I had hoped to attend was a 7-hour drive from my new home 2000 miles away from my old home. I really tried to make it. Things in my personal life were all in transition at that point, and it was a mess, and I just was not able to drive the seven hours. It just wasn't going to come together for me. Does that make me a blowhard by your definition?

    I have all the hopes in the world of flying down to Dallas and meeting all of you someday just as soon as I can, but so far I have not had the funds. I try like hell though, I really do. I still hope to make it. If only the computers hadn't all crashed at once with a terrible virus and we didn't need computers to run our business, and if only the living situation had been more bearable so I could just continue living in the cheaper rent place covering all of our things in mold, and if only my health would just remain good all the time, and if only there weren't all these factors that come up in life, but that does not mean we are not authentic people with every intention and hope and dream of having the right circumstances to get to one of these glorious apostafests where we can meet like-minded people who understand us!

    I have met two people in person from the board.

    I am not a blowhard, though sometimes I am full of hot air.


  • Sunspot

    Sunspot, that was probably Englishman, he is still posting pictures of his trips with his wife and family (And animals ) and meetings with other XJW's. I really enjoy them.

    He used to have his own board but now just posts on a couple other XJW sites. Super nice guy.


    Hi Snoozy....yeah....I knew his (entire) name, but I wasn't sure about posting it or the other posters I recalled from that era....some forums have rules about mentioning former posters who either can't or won't post any more, so just to be safe I wrote it as is. ANY group pictures of apostafests always have everyone looking as though they are really enjoying themselves and enjoying being with one another, don't they?

    Make no mistake about it----we DO share a very special and unique bond with each other---that of being sucked into a cult from Brooklyn that somehow convinced us that THEY has a special pipeline to God and were to ONLY ones blessed and approved BY him......those clever devils. It's no wonder that EXJWs want to celebrate getting OUT!

    I didn't know about Mike's board but I knew Slippy had his own board too, I guess it "is" no longer either.



  • Scott77

    I confess do not know what it looks like to attend an appostafest. I look foward to attending one of it and experience it. Hmmm..., do you guys and gals do give speech, or do a bonfire? what social activities are done to enrich and enliven the festival mood? I think it would be great to have many Apostafests advertised regularly on this site and for us to figure out which one is right for a right time and right place.


  • Jim_TX

    Well... not intending to hi-jack the initial thread topic, but if attending an 'apostafest' is a qualification for being 'real' - and not a 'blowhard'... then I'll have to say classify me as a 'blowhard'.

    I've been to an apostafest in Dallas - ONE time. I had to drive up to it - about 400 miles away from here. I had to spend the night in a motel room.

    I got to meet some very nice people while there. I also learned that - at least at this one apostafest - that they (apostafests) were not my cup of tea. During the festivities, I witnessed (no pun intended) some who got out old JW publications and were reading from them - and someone even got out an old JW songbook, and was flipping through it - singing some of the songs within it.

    I'm just not that interested in JW-related stuff anymore.

    I _have_ met ex-JWs through other methods - I.E. they're passing through the city - and we meet informally for dinner - or whatever.

    ex-JWs - for the most part are really cool people. I feel it's just some that really haven't learned to 'let go' - just yet - and still need the reassurances (or whatever) that they get from hanging on to the old JW publications.

    So... to repeat what I typed earlier... I guess I'm just a 'blowhard'. Whatever. *shrug*


    Jim TX

  • sammielee24

    I don't think people who don't go to an apostafest aren't real - there could be any number of factors involved. One of those might be a deep rooted fear of social interaction that befalls many people - exJW's or not. I think we need to cut people some slack on that one - in addition - we also need to remember that photo's of the apostafests should perhaps not be posted to a public board because of the sensitivity of the issues for some - unless prior approval is given. Some of those who might go to an apostafest may hesitate if they think that their picture will end up out in public at a time when they may not be ready for that....just some thoughts....sammieswife.

  • shamus100

    I've only met a few people from this board - very nice people too, genuine, friendly.

    Post pictures on the net? forget it! I'm not interested in having my picture and life blathered all over the net. People that know me know who I am, and that's all that counts.

  • sammielee24
    Post pictures on the net? forget it!

    I think that is what scares some people off of going to an apostafest. Although photo's are put up as part of a friendly gathering experience, I think it breeds fear in a lot of people who might like to go but who aren't ready for that kind of exposure in their lives. sammieswife.

  • Scott77


    You have answered some of my questions and curiosity. I confess once again,Iam a Watchtowerphobic, so I may feel incomfortable again reading their literatures at a time when I am still deprograming all those stuff they indoctrinated me over 20 years. I think a balance of activities , rules for member might help to make the event very festive and participatory.


  • flipper

    OOMPA- " Compared to udders " ? You know some cows as well ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I've met quite a few from this board, had an apostafest almost two years ago now (the one Snakes came to). Trust me, there was no reading of WT lit at my apostafest! There were about 40 of us that took over a local pub and we had an awesome time. Everyone that was there are truly amazing people that I consider very good friends. If anyone is afraid of having pictures posted, all they have to do is say, and they won't be. There were a few at that apostafest that had concerns over photos posted and they weren't.

    I've truly been blessed with the friends I've made from JWD/JWN.

    oompa - how do we know you are real

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