call me lucky...everyone i have met here was real.....but one...

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  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I've met only a handful of posters face to face, but thats because of my own paranoid tendency to keep myself unknown. The ones I met (even a couple of times) were genuine and really friendly and accepting. I was even invited to a party, but I declined for a couple of reasons. One is because I feared pictures would inevitably get out onto the web and another is that one of the attendees would know me and although she'd very likely keep things mum, stuff would get out. I'm trying to fade without getting DF'ed.

    I think fakers are the exception. Maybe a few blowhards and those who exaggerate some of their life's drama. And there was only one poster who seemed overly curious in trying to get a few people's real names.

  • oompa

    no i would never besmirch anyone.....but if you have been through the rough treatment of the dubs....and your own awakening.....and lost so many friends and family.......then you should never treat those close to you who have experienced the same treatment like $%^*%$&*......oompa

    i really do believe "do unto others".....great line......

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    I've met a few people from the board while traveling on my bike. Last summer's swing through Missouri was really good. I met up with uninformed again (we had met the summer before when I made my Colorado trip. Met Gary Busselman on that trip also) and went out for drinks and dinner with robdar and a blond woman whose name I can't recall at the moment. Uninformed and I went to a Royals game the next day and had an awesome time. I met crazy blonde deb on that trip (she isn't really crazy) who invited me to her house for dinner. Met her daughter and grandbaby also. I had coffee with Snakes at a really nice coffee shop just out of St Louis and I had dinner with a very nice couple in Illinois. I would have to look in my notebook to recall their names and where exactly I met them. Anyway, if you go on road trips put the word out on the board. People from here are really hospitable.

    I'm feeling the urge to hit the road again. I'll start calling those trips apostarides.

  • oompa

    frozen now THAT is what i am talkin about!! me if you want to see my awsome (metric) cruiser....ya i wish i had a hd dammit.......but she is sweet.........but getting to know some a bit and then meeting is awesome!!!...........oompa..

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    Reposting my personal definition of blowhard since some people seem to have missed it: "There are a lot of people who can't go to one because of their situation, but they're not who I'm talking about when I say "blowhard". To me, a blowhard is someone who seeks out controversy on the board, someone who people are interested in knowing or at least meeting irl and then when they realize they might actually have to put their money where their mouth is, chicken out at the last minute, even after asking you to help them book a hotel room or reserve a bedroom in your home for their visit."

    If that doesn't apply to you, then obviously you're not a blowhard (imo), so why work overtime to be offended?

    There have been many people on here through the years who do their best to cultivate a larger than life, look at me persona. In my personal experience, those people rarely, if ever, show up to a party.

    I can't count how many apostafests I've been to nor even how many I've hosted and I've yet to see WT literature at any of them.

    My apologies to oompa for slightly hijacking since you're right - you weren't talking about who showed up where. Your OP was about people who aren't real and I agree with what you said. There haven't been very many posters who were totally fabricated.

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