call me lucky...everyone i have met here was real.....but one...

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  • FlyingHighNow

    Thanks, Hemp. Remember, I think Jimi Hendrix's One Rainy Wish is so beautiful it brings me to tears.

  • HappyDad

    I've personally met three people on the old JWD............fell in love with one of them (didn't work out) and had great great conversation and coffee with the other two.

    I've talked to several and one of them is the son of an elder I have had dealings with from another cong. Some do not post anymore. Guess they have moved along as I have done.......but I still like to read what is going on with the "old faithful" and the newbees.

    All have been great and REAL people.


  • HappyDad


    I would love to attend an apostafest if they weren't 1000 miles away for me.

  • Sunspot

    Oh.....I recall a few years ago there was an apostafest (something to do with crawfish I think?) down in TX and there was a cam on in the kitchen showing the festivities with the party-goers there from this board. I ate my heart out, stuck up here in upstate NY, ....LOL I SO WISHED I could have been there! I do so miss so many of the "older" posters that I grew to think so much of.

    A poster named Mike who lived in England hosted some fabulous apostafests there too and the pix that we got to see looked like SUCH GREAT FUN. Seriously---I used to think that if I was able to do so and had the money....I would fly to these apostafests and meet as many posters as I could!

    There have been some real oddballs that have turned out to be not quite who or what they said they were.....but for the most part....I think that folks here that have been "regular posters" have been pretty honest about representing themselves and their situations.



  • happpyexjw

    I agree with those who simply don't live in the right area to attend. I am 125 miles from the nearest interstate in the far SE corner of Colorado, but maybe someday I will get to one.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Wow, the nearest interstate to me is less than half a mile away, but the apostafests are usually in Lansing or the Detroit area. I was all set to attend one two summers ago, but Julian and I were both still so sick with grief that we couldn't travel. He even bailed out on me taking him to summer camp that week, he didn't want to leave me. It was such a hard summer. We are much better now, though I still find it hard to think of my youngest grandson who was taken from us that summer. I still don't feel strong enough to just let loose and scream my head off for three days over it. We do see Andy every week though. But now-a-days, my car is two years older and it's a 97. Gas prices went up, too. Big drag for traveling anywhere. I think I am just going to spend my money on a bicycle so Julian and I can go out riding together. A bike won't get me to the apostafests though.

  • mraimondi

    if apostafests are comprised of some of the louder, judgemental ppl here and the sign carrying loonies at the conventions, its no wonder.

  • FlyingHighNow

    From what I can tell, apostafests are attended by a variety of good folks.

  • Snoozy

    Sunspot, that was probably Englishman, he is still posting pictures of his trips with his wife and family (And animals ) and meetings with other XJW's. I really enjoy them.

    He used to have his own board but now just posts on a couple other XJW sites. Super nice guy.


  • SnakesInTheTower

    i went to the apostafest in TO. I had a great time...but I think I was still too new and away from the dubs (only a month or so from attending my last meeting).... probably still too judgmental but not on purpose.... I know I would have more fun now. Met some great people there. A couple of them I wish would pop in or email once in awhile..I guess some move on...

    I want to go to another,.... still would like to catch one in the midwest.... time and money are always in opposite corners....

    Snakes ()

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