1975 coverup! Compare the '68 and '81 Truth book scans

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    gotta love mind control.

    I always love reading posts by spike and reniaa. they give meaning to my life

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    The period from 1968 to 1975 was a strange and heightened time in our Witness lives. Dual chronoloical tales spelled out in the Aid Bk.. Sermons and articles hyping The End.

    I was at the LA talk by Fred Franz in 74 when he was struggleing to distance himself and the leadership from the trajectory they had set us all on.

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    A short time after the 1975 failed "expectation" of world shattering events fulfilling bible prophecy,the society at first denied they predicted/encouraged such an expectation,when an overwhelming response challenged them about this ,they tried to blame the r&f for running ahead of the organization, and when challenged again for passing the buck,they conceded some years later that some in the writing department may have been a bit over zealous in linking the end of 6000 years of human history from Adams creation and the 1000 year of Christ`s rule to the 7th creative day. " It would be a fitting time for this to occur " if I remember correctly.


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    Wow, good Find. My parents were baptized in 1969/1970 so this was probably the book they "studied" with in order to get baptized Indoctrinated. I cannot believe they bought into this crap.

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    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    Even their sources for predicting "Total chaos and Famine" for 1975, failed badly. We had the "Oil Embargo, Gas Rationing" but this was not total chaos. The Zodiak Killer, had San Fransisco scarred but in 1975 I walked the city streets as a teenager with peace. Try walking Long Beach now at night, maybe they were off by 37 years for Long Beach!

    Thank you for this find, it disingenuine to hide this information, and the "Slave" always blames "their eager R/F memebers for drawing wrong conclusions" who are the Trolls putting these ideas infront of the Rank and File?? In 1968 we had visit by the Circuit Overseer (Slave Rep) who told our Kingdom Hall, "If you don't believe 1975 is the date, you don't belong in the Truth!" Our friends in Long Beach, Harbor City, San Pedro sold some of their homes to preach, others bought homes and motor homes and nice cars, thinking "we will not have to pay all this back!" Not Cool!

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    I was 11 when the Truth Book was released in 68. I distinctly remember the comments about that famine - 1975 quote. "Isn't it truly remarkable how even 'wordly' experts can see how the wicked world cannot last much longer.""This proves how close we are to the end."

    I also remember the change, I was so impressed with that quote that I was curious how the society would address this post 1975.

    Unfortunately I did not put the pieces together and wasted another 20 years in that cult.

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