"Life Begins at Rape"- Palin Policy

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  • hooberus
    I think the bottom line, is that it's up to the woman to decide. I really doubt that very few women who get an abortion, take the decision lightly.

    This is similar to what Obama said at the Saddleback forum.

    And I would like to add that I really doubt that very few muslim men who perform honor killings, "take the decision lightly" either. -Yet no one accepts that as any sort of justification for legalized muslim child killing.

  • BurnTheShips
    Well wtf are you infering BTS, that Obama wants babies to die?

    That his values and judgement are completely effed up. He stood practically alone on this.

    This is just bullshit, and it's despicable bullshit.

    IT is. Eff him.


  • dawg

    I doubt either of you (hooberus or Burns) has ever even bothered to read Roe V Wade...

    What the both of you are basically saying is this... to hell with debating when a human believes life begins, it doesn't matter when anyone thinks a fertilized egg actually takes on the attributes that makes that egg a human, we know whats best for all of you, we know that life begins... fill in the blank (with whatever Hooberus and Burns thinks)... all of you are too dumb to think for yourselves is the tact of Hooberus and Burns, We'll do all the thinking for you...

    And, here's the kicker, you that don't conform are basically like terrorists... you are murderers.

    That just about sum it up guys? I think I'm on the mark, right?

    I've read Roe, I can see where the Justices that ruled on abortion got their thinking. I'm not saying I totally agree with what they ruled, but I can see where they are coming from.

    Dialogue between folks like Burns and Hooberus is out of the question, they've made their minds up and they are right, no one else need form an opinion of their own, because geniuses Burns and Hooberus have done the thinking for all of us. Sorry guys, but that's not how societies work. I know you wish you could dictate to us your morals but we've chosen to be free from your dictatorship... sorry

    Now, I have a question for the both of you...

    1) When does life begin, and I mean here when are the protections of the Constitution to be levied to the unborn?

    2) the intent of this thread is to show that Palin is against abortion in the case of rape and incest, do the two of you agree with Palin?

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