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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    one thing that concerned me was the person who would later become my wife worked in a twin towers in L.A. I only knew her for two days and yet I tried calling her all day. Phones were jammed. BTW we had dinner together for our 7 year anniversary of meeting. It took till the end of the day before I could hear her voice.

  • jaguarbass

    I was at work in a machine shop making tools here in Florida and the guys were talking about these planes crashing into the trade center.

    I told them this is going to cost us our job and within a year we were all in the street after working there 23 years.

    7 years latter out of 15 employess only 5 of us are working. None of us are making what we used to make.

    Florida is in an economic depression.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    it's tough out there bro. The company I was working at back then is history. I'm struggling now and just barely keeping my head above water.

  • Vinny

    Living in Hawaii I was in bed when the phone rang about 6 in the morning. (After everything had already happened, both towers down, pentagon attacked, plane crashed in Pa etc). My wife took the call from a JW friend that called from the east coast and then ran in telling me the U.S is under terrorist attack with New York City and Washington DC being bombed.

    Jumped out of bed and stayed all day on the computer following the news and watching videos of the attacks and interviews. (Am pretty sure we had given up TV altogether during that period as good JW's). All my teenager kids were glued to the news, in fact, which was a rarity for them.

    Being a Tuesday, and bookstudy night, I called the PO about whether I should cancel our bookstudy. ( I was a new elder then). He said definitely not, why should I?

    So when 7 pm came I did the bookstudy. It actually ended up helping us to meet and talk about it. (((Plus obviously it proved to us all the end was right around the corner))).

    I so vividly remember my legs almost giving out so many times throughout that day. All of my strength had been drained from all the tragic news of that day.

    I could barely walk it seemed.

  • free2think

    I was getting ministry clothes and boots etc, i'd just started reg pioneering.We were driving back from the shopping center and had the news on. After the first plane hit i remember thinking its a terrorist attack, although the news presenters were at that point saying it was some kind of technical malfunction..

  • Shawn10538

    Starting college for the first time at the age of 32.

  • Soledad
    I couldn't help but notice you mentioned Montague St., Brooklyn in your post. I have a corporate apartment there that I'm actually typing this very post from at the moment. I'm here in NYC working on the City's 911 emergency call center project.

    Today was a very somber day for the NYPD and FDNY personnel here.

    Cool. I used to work at 185 Montague st. I'm a project assistant at the 311 call center now. I spent some time 2 years ago at Metrotech working on another project with 911.

    Yes today is a horrible day for EMTs FDNY and NYPD. The pain never goes away.

  • anglise

    Was reading JWD when someone from the USA (dont remember who) posted about the 1st plane hitting the tower.

    Tried to get onto all sorts of news sites to find out more but everywhere was VERY busy. Turned on BBC news 24 on the TV and watched it all unfold.

    We just couldnt believe what we were seeing.

    Was watching a Queen video recently of their hit 'Under Pressure' which shows a building coming down and it took me straight back to 11/11.

    I hope the world never forgets.


  • blondie

    Watching tv in my hotel room in a western US state. I watched the 2nd plane crash into the Towers and knew that a) it was a large commercial plane and b) that it was fully fueled. I woke up my husband and we watched until the towers fell then checked out and started driving home. We met many people on the way, traveling and locally. All were stunned. Some had caught rides with complete strangers at the airports so they could get home....a lot of trust and caring then.

    Though an active jw, I did not think it meant the end was close. "At at time you do not think it to be"


  • Quirky1

    I was at work speaking to a person from NY at the time it happened and he was so distraught that he hung up on me. Being very alarmed by all this we ran to the TV and watched the local news regarding the situation. Driving home later you could sense the tension in the air from everyone you met or seen.

    Plus I and my family wern't witnesses then.

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