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  • looking_glass

    I was on my over to the federal building downtown Chicago, when our receptionist stopped me saying all government buildings had been locked down. I thought she was crazy, but saw people going into the boardroom to turn the tv on.

    I watched a friend as the second plane hit the second building and she said "my dad is in that building". Her father died that day. I think of her every year. That moment changed her life. She ended up leaving our firm and becoming a stay at home mom. Her mother moved out to live by her and move on with her life.

    Our office asked everyone to leave before the building itself evacuated. We are on the top floor of our building which overlooks the lake and several major streets. I watched as police boats swarmed the lake, people left in droves. I walked home and by the time I got there, there were NO people on the street, it was dead.

  • free2beme

    Woke up in the morning and turned on the news and saw the coverage. I had to go to a physical therapy appointment, but really wanted to stay and watch the news. Of course, I was on the west coast and most of the major events had already passed. I found I was in shock and remember calling my wife in disbelief. An interesting side notes, but the more we get away from that date the larger the stories and bull shit that people add to their "where were you then" and I wonder why. Perhaps it the "Hollywood" in us to want to tell a more profound story or maybe it is just that we want our reactions to be more then they were. For me, it can be summed up in one thought "It did not seem real."

  • hamilcarr

    I returned home from high school when I turned on the tele.

    The comments on the book study that Tuesday evening were full of apocalyptic expectations.

    For the last time.

  • BurnTheShips

    I was working in a hospital. I was in the hospital waiting room, watching the TV screen. All work stopped.

    I tried to watch the on the ground video of the events Thursday night the History Channel had a "102 minutes that changed the world" replay of the events. The amateur video, on the ground news video, the terrified people running in the streets, the police and firefighters, the dust clouds.

    I only watched some of it. I still can't watch it all, even 7 years on. I am not an overly sensitive person, but I get physically ill.


  • hot mama
    hot mama

    I was at my job. Watched it live on TV. Will never forget the fear and shock of seeing the 2nd plane hit.

  • nowisee

    We were having work done on our house. A worker called up the stairs and said a plane had hit the WTC. Went downstairs and turned on the TV -- All the workers came in and we all watched as the second plane hit. I said, "Everyone is dead on the top floors." We live within distant eyesight of NYC skyline and I said I had to get away from the TV and walk. It was such a beautiful day. Blue sky, crisp air. I listened to the radio as I walked. I saw a neighbor who I did not really know and asked if he had been listening to the news. He said he had been in Viet Nam, hated the US government, he was so happy bc he had just been waiting for something like this to happen. That was bizarre. As I walked I heard that the South tower had collapsed. When I got back home the TV was off and I told everyone that the tower was down. We turned the TV back on and watched the second tower collapse. My town lost a few dozen people. They said people gathered on the beach, wives whose husbands were at the WTC were screaming. They closed the beach to the public. It was horror. It was horrible. Very, very traumatic.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I was home and watching the news when it all happened. It was surreal and terribly upsetting. I was glued to the news for days. I was still a jw at the time and, of course, thought it might be the beginning of the end. I remember talking to people in the d2d work and how much everyone was afraid and more apt to discuss religious beliefs. They actually encouraged us to play on these fears to start indoctrination sessions.

    I remember going to work and discussing the news with my boss. I talked about the Bible and the end and my boss said she was ready. (Of course, she wasn't , I thought, because she wasn't a bonafide jw.) I thought about this conversation this year on 9/11 and how completely differently I think about the whole situation now.

    It is still a crazy and scary world at times, but I no longer delude myself that I am in any way more special or chosen than anyone else. We are all just trying to muddle through this life as best we can.

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