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  • Gregor

    Had CNN on in my Orlando hotel room while I packed for my trip home from a business trip. When the second plane hit I called my wife and told her to turn on the TV. Didn't get home until Saturday.

  • ex-nj-jw

    I was at work on my way to get a cup of coffee and saw everyone standing around the TV in the conference room. As I walked in I saw the 2nd plane hit the south tower. My heart sank because my brother and NJ/NYC area, all I could get was a a recording that all line were down please try the call again later.

    Finally around 3:00am my brother (not the one that worked in the WTC) called to tell me that my sister-in-law (his wife) was in the hospital but ok and my brother was fine. They couldn't get out of the city everything was shut down but they were ok. I lost 4 close family friends in this nightmare.


  • JeffT

    We live in the Seattle suburbs so it was starting about the time we got out of bed. I was dozing on the couch while my wife showered. She always turns on the radio, to hear what's going on. About 6:15 she stuck her head out the bathroom door and screamed at me to turn on the news, two planes had hit the WTC. My first thought was "that can't be right." Then I turned on the TV. I think we were both late for work.

  • Blueblades

    I was just going to bed, as I worked the graveyard shift and had just left JFKIA. were I worked at the time.My wife told me that a plane had just crashed into the WTC. We went up to the roof and from there saw the second plane fly into the WTC. with our own eyes while listening to it on the news at the same time,it was surreal. We had debris fall on us from the Trade center. We lost people who worked at JFKIA and had offices in the trade center. So much lost of life.

    Blueblades, who remembers where he was when JFK was killed in 1963, November 22nd, Dallas.

  • Dagney

    DJ's on the clock radio were talking about it. Ran into the living room just in time to see the second plane hit, and both towers fall.

    There are no words.

  • daniel-p

    I was waking up with a cup of coffee at my computer. At the time I lived in Florida, still a hardcore JW. I remember feeling glad that something interesting was happening and bad things were afoot, just like was prophecied. Yep, I think most JWs felt a little exultant, as well. Pretty sick looking back on it.

  • TheSilence

    Copied from my post a year ago...

    I work at a casino, and that year I was working overnight a lot so I usually slept until about noon. I woke up and it was one of those beautiful days. I keep the blinds in my room open (the sun doesn't bother me when I sleep) and I had the window open as well. The sky was the perfect shade of blue, the air smelled fresh and clean, there was a bird chirping in the tree outside my window, not a cloud in the sky, and the temperature was gorgeous. Just one of those perfect weather days. And so I woke up to this and thought how wonderful life was, took a few nice deep breaths of the fresh air, had a nice long luxurious stretch. I was relaxed, content, happy... it was just a glorious day. I remember clearly noticing, enjoying, thinking about these things.

    I don't usually have a TV in my room, but a few nights before someone had spent the night and we had moved the TV into my bedroom to watch a movie in bed. I hadn't bothered to move the TV back, yet, so I rolled over and turned the TV on to flip through channels for a bit before making myself get up. A barrage of thoughts and images, fears and nightmares, shock and despair, sadness and regret invaded my peaceful, contented enjoyment of the day. It marred my soul. I felt... distanced and alone. I lived by myself, and while I was content living alone... it was isolation that day. It kept flashing in my mind the fact that a week, to the day, before I had actually been standing at the top of the world trade center. I still have the tickets.

    I had to work at 3 that afternoon so for about an hour I just sat in bed flipping through channels trying to understand what had happened, what I had slept through. I left the TV on while I took a shower and got ready. I listened to news updates on the radio all the way to work.

    Our casino does a lot of local business and many of our players will book rooms in the hotel for a night out even though they live in town. We cancelled all rooms that were booked for local guests. We opened the hotel to those who were stranded here because their flights were cancelled. We opened up the ballroom for a place for people to stay when the hotel was full. It seems odd, but there were people playing at the casino that night. I think for most of them it was an escape, a way to cope, with the tragedy of the day. A lot of the people who were playing were from out of town and stuck here, just trying to pass the time and not think about it. I spent most of the night talking to a guy playing blackjack who was in town on business. He worked at the world trade center. He hadn't been able to get ahold of his family or anyone from work and just couldn't face sitting alone in a room.

    I sent home every person I could afford to let go early with the exception of a few who wanted to stay because they lived alone and wanted to be around people rather than sit at home alone. It was a somber night and we all just did the best we could to comfort each other and those around us. We got through it the best we could.


  • Gopher

    I was driving to work.

    I spent much of that day posting on and reading this discussion board. It was really comforting to have a place to share the experience with Americans and concerned fellow posters from around the world.

  • eyeslice

    I was at work and remember just how hard it was to get on to websites such as foxnews. I guess 9/11 will stick with people just the same as the assignation of JFK, the shooting of John Lennon, the death of Elvis and man landing on the moon. Though they are sometime tragic, they form the landmarks of our lives.

  • Gregor

    I was at work and remember just how hard it was to get on to websites such as foxnews. I guess 9/11 will stick with people just the same as the assignation of JFK, the shooting of John Lennon, the death of Elvis and man landing on the moon. Though they are sometime tragic, they form the landmarks of our lives...eyeslice You left out when Madonna fell off her horse and broke her collar bone.

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