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  • LongHairGal

    I was on my way to work and even though the details were sketchy in those morning hours, I knew it was an act of war.

    I was like a zombie on automatic pilot that entire day. That evening, at the end of a surreal day, I had the TV on watching it and disbelieving it all. For the following week I watched so much TV that I got myself emotionally sick and I had to declare a personal news blackout for my own mental health. I went out and bought many movies to watch because I would absolutely scream if I watched any more news coverage. Now, seven years later I can watch the coverage but back then it was an overload to my shocked system.


  • Beep,Beep

    I was at work having started at 6:00 a.m.

    Someone came in and said about a plane hitting one of the towers.

    Was watching the replay of plane number two within minutes of being told. Lobby of the building

    I work in had two T.V.s going.

    After watching the first one come down I said to one of the security people something to the effect

    that someone had done their homework for the attack.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Painful memories.

    I was at the local Arby's restaurant, eating a bite of breakfast before visiting my sick mother in the hospital. I was a regular there, and one of the managers came out to the lobby and ask me if I had heard about the plane that has hit the WTC in NYC. We all assumed it an accident at that moment.

    I headed out to the hospital, and shortly after arrival, the second plane hit. By then the hospital staff and visitors began to fill the waiting areas and watch the events unfold before our eyes. We watched the tower collapse with wonderment and disbelief, then the second.

    Later my mom recalled that she watched the events, but due to her health condition, she believed she had watched it at home the previous day. She insisted for a long time that she had seen it at home.

    Ironically, without planning it, my wife and I ended up at that same Arby's this morning, at about the same time. It dawned on me when we sat down.

    Let's pray that such an event is never repeated.


  • badboy


  • IronClaw

    I was in New Haven, Connecticut walking through a garage where I used to work and a coworker told me about the first plane. I went to the drivers lounge and watched on TV the rest of the horror.

    The Claw.

  • Soledad

    I was at my job on Montague street in Brooklyn. It was a client who told me that planes hit the trade center. I thought she was lying. The radios came on in the office and one of my co-workers said he was going up to the Promenade to see what was going on. I followed him outside and saw a black sky. Couldn't still believe it. We walked 1 block to the right, I believe that was either Henry or Remsen street, then turned up on Pineapple st. As soon as the tower came into my sight, it started to collapse. I stood frozen in the middle of street. A car that was behind me also stopped. People gathered on the Promenade were screaming. I went back to my office and gathered my things and left. When I went back outside, someone stuck a handmade sign on the side of a public payphone "Please donate blood. People are dying."

    Cant even begin to describe the horror of that day in NY.

    The walk home was surreal, thousands of people were getting out of Manhattan and here I was walking into Manhattan. Churches and other businesses had put up signs reading "restrooms/phones available." There was this incredible eerie silence, even though thousands of people were all around me. Noone spoke at all. When I looked up, this large gray/black column of smoke was all there was in front of us, where once 2 towers stood. The acrid smoke was all in my face. While we were walking across the Manhattan bridge someone started to climb over the siderails and was threatening to jump. Noone paid mind and the idiot climbed back over to the bridge's walkway.

    Thousands of people were standing at 7th ave and W14th st, in front of St Vincents hospital. People were gathered in groups around signs that read "O+, B-, AB+." The smell of burning debris or bodies lingered in the air for days afterwards. Smoke could be seen for several weeks afterwards. The homemade signs of people missing stuck to streetlight poles, telephone booths, building brickfaces, gates and doors also lined 7th ave for weeks. My home telephone didn't work properly for several days on end, making some of my relatives panic since they couldn't reach me. I was ok, but the memories of that day never leave me. On ocasion I still have nightmares about being trapped at the top of a burning building or about trying to get everyone to leave a building that is falling. It was so horrible.

  • flipper

    MARY- I had just finished cleaning my commercial offices in my janitorial business and went to get a cup of coffee in a local cafe in a supermarket. As I walked in about 8:30 to 9: 00 A.M. pacific time I noticed adult men and women standing around crying their eyes out ! I had not heard what happened - and when I asked what the problem was causing them to cry- I was shocked to find out an attack had occured on our country. I kept riveted to my T.V. the rest of the day- then put a candle on my front porch that night and kept a personal vigil for the deceased and the poor families. It was a day that will forever live in infamy. I hope we never forget

  • skeeter1

    I was in a super important meeting with another person working on a deadline for a computer project. Door closed, but had a window to the hall.

    Everyone kept walking by the office, peering in. I got an e-mail. It said "plane hit world trade tower." I ignored it. More people peered in. Got another e-mail, "really big plane hit world trade tower....smells like terrorists."

    We stopped our work, walked out the office and EVERYONE was gone. Found the breakroom, with everyone watching the news.

  • done4good

    I was getting off a plane in Houston.

    An announcement was made to the effect that "all connecting flights have been cancelled, as all US airports are closed due to the 'incident' in NY". I travel extensively for work, and all I could remember thinking at that moment was, "This never happend before", what the hell is going on??? Having family in the NY area, I was very concerned some nuke went off or something like that.

    I had a voicemail on my cell, (I was able to get through once), from a friend of mine who knew I was travelling that day, attempting to check on my whereabouts, saying something about a plane being flown into one of the towers. Everyone had this dazed and confused look on their face when I came out of the jetway. I looked at the TV screens about the same time the Pentagon was hit.

    I then proceeded to the rental car counter, and got on the rental shuttle. That radio was on in the bus, (I was the only one on it). I asked the lady driving to turn it up so I could hear the news. This was just as the South Tower was collapsing.

    It felt like stepping off into another world. I Couldn't work that day, ended up driving to some parking lot somewhere and making a lot of phone calls to people I knew back home. I asked my dub ex-wife at the time what was said at the BS that evening, and she proceeded to tell me how they just simply said something about "world events, last days, blah, blah...typical cold jw response. It was never the same for me in the jw religion again.

    9/11 is a big reason I am no longer a jw.


  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    I was doing my usual routine of watching the tube during my morning coffee and thinking man that guy must have been drunk

    or had a major mechanical failure.

    Then the second plane hit and right away I realized it was a terrorist attack.

    I went to work irregardless but sadden by what I witnessed , I was working on a home that was near the major airport here when they announced that all planes

    were to be grounded even in Canada , my brother and myself watched the planes circle the airport waiting to land and wondered why when we are this far from New York.

    I remember saying maybe if we're lucky they will hit the Watchtower building, my brother nervously laughed...........Ya right.

    I still don't understand why the US didn't pursue the what and where abouts of Bin Laden, probably one of the most dangerous men to live in recent memories.

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