What JW teaching did you find hardest to defend??

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  • S3RAPH1M

    Jesus said he was coming as a thief in the night, unexpectedly. The watchtower says, that ain't so! he came 1914! /sarcasm

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I still get this and can't defend it: JW's believe in Jesus and accept him as their savior.

    I think JW's view Jehovah as their savior in that he used Jesus to accomplish it.

    I can't defend it.

  • DJ_Q

    Yeah, this one really hurt the most. I dont have time right now but have I got a story to tell about what happened to 20 teenagers in my congregation.

    Expecting people so young to follow rules and doctrine, that they dont understand because life hasnt had time to teach them anything yet and punishing them so harshly for faltering, ooh, still hurt to think about it.


  • doofdaddy

    Someone posted that non jw christians are all idol worshippers so have gods condemnation. Dictionary explanation of an idol, "Someone(or thing) adored blindly or excessively" Gov body of jws don't fit this???

  • paybacktime19

    very good point!

  • Sway

    Pretty much all the above postings. I just found the hypocrisy unbearable after a while. I remember reading about Beth Sarim, the mansion Rutherford built, I think in San Diego? They tried to rationalize it by saying that certain prophets were going to come back to life and would need some digs to stay in. Man what a bunch of crap. I regret every penny I gave the WT, and every minute I wasted with that cult.

  • beerose

    I never had to defend,but I used to defend the JW's when people would tell me they didn't believe in christ.I read somewhere,don't remember where it was awhile ago,that the wedding band was a symbol of slavery in other culture's!Could this be why they allow the rings? Thanksgiving is a time when houses are full of familys,perfect time for FS! And could it be the reason they keep woman in dresses,is because it is easier for the sicko's to get to the little girls unnoticed!

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