Singer Songwriters who should be household names....

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    hilary step and Avishai - we could hang together. Very much into the same music. There are a few folks here who are just not getting it! I wish I knew how to post those YouTube links. You really need to check out any of the names I mentioned that you're not familiar with.

    I live in a small town where a concert producer who handles this kind of music moved a decade or so ago (he has worked with Nanci Griffin, Martin Sexton, Dar Williams, Richard Shindell, Ray LaMontagne, Shawn Colvin) and he would put on these shows here in a few venues getting in performers between their bigger shows in Boston, Montreal, Northamptan, MA and Albany, NY.

    So we'd have Ray LaMontagne play with maybe a dozen people there, or a Lori McKenna, who now is touring with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Marty Sexton showed up one night to watch his sister play and he joined her on stage. I saw Eric Taylor one night and then watched him on his own hour of Austin City Limits two months later!

    I forgot Peter Mulvey, Greg Brown, Mary Gauthier, John Gorka (his Blue Chalk is a great song) we literally have had hundreds of these great singer/songwriters play here. Christ, Richard Shindell will be here in concert a week from Friday! You'd love to live here.

    You'll also love that the guy that puts on all these concerts, Charlie Hunter, calls his company Flying Under Radar.


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    Burger Time

    Nick Lowe is very underrated.
    Also Shane McGowen from The Pogues is amazing...

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    hilary step and Avishai - we could hang together.

    Actually my main bag is Jazz, and even then much more UK based than US. I am not terribly into Country music, most of it washes over me but I have heard many of the names you note as some of my musical aquaintances are heavily leant that way.

    That having been said, Townes van Zandt has been an icon for me for many years as have Danny O'Keefe and Jimmy Webb, imo three of the finest songwriters and musicians in their genre for the past forty years, though O'Keefe is not really a country singer. His 70's album 'American Roulette', which has recently been re-released at long last, is a must. It should have signposted the way for embryonic lyricists to walk, but thankfully was not a commercial success. ;)

    Thank you for noting these names. I hope that it opens up the musical tastes of many reading. After all, few things in life are as important as good music.


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    It's too bad "Love" didn't record more, although Alvin Lee wrote most of what they did record, some of their best songs were written and sung by Bryan Maclean.

    Arthur Lee you mean.

    I own a master disc of 'Forever Changes' given to me by Arthur and Bryan way back in the early 70's who signed it for me. As to content, well Bryan songs were very 'sweet', a little too sweet for Arthur's tastes at times, but yes, he was a great songwriter. Together they had a magic. I think Bryan became a Born Again preacher, or a missionary or something, soon after 'Forever Changes' was released.


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    Eric Taylor

    He was Nanci Griffith's husband at one time. He wrote one of her best recordings: Deadwood South Dakota.

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    My knowledge of music is limited, but is opening up as i have a 12y son who is just learning the saxophone.

    What about Babara Thompson from Parapernelia? Not a great recording sadly

    I also went to see Don Rendell who used to be JW


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    I think Bryan became a Born Again preacher, or a missionary or something, soon after 'Forever Changes' was released.

    Yes, it was Arthur of course. Bryan's "conversion" explains the personnel change in the band after Forever Changes. The first two albums (with Bryan) were the best in my opinion, the earlier concerts were better as well if I remember correctly.

    Greg Brown

    For some reason Greg Brown always reminds me of City Folk, who are no longer together. Their "I am a patriot" is worth a listen just for the lyrics, even if one dosen't care for folk music.

    Having mentioned folk music, I have to mention Kate Wolf. Another of those little known greats.

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    Here's Bryan Mclean's younger sister, with a song you might recognize from the "Pulp fiction" soundtrack

    Maria Mckee

  • amicus
    Here's Bryan Mclean's younger sister

    Good save Avashi, I couldn't remember her name...and I thought it was his daughter.

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