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  • kurtbethel

    I was looking in a thrift store and found this gem from 1978.

    Quick! Hide it from your children!

    Quick! Hide it from your children!

    We find out that Dinah gets into trouble. Apparently those Ca'naan girls are bad association and Dinah was forced to lie down by a Bad Ca'naan man. It seems that you must be married and then getting forced to lie down is okay.

    Dinah is sooo bad!

    Dinah is a readhead, of course, as are some other bad women in this masterpiece.

    Redheads: What Does Scripture Say?

    Bad Dinah! Bad Ca'naan Man! You are Bad!

    The book has accounts of many Bible stories, and is profusely illustrated. Most of the stories are straightforward, but there is a not so subtle Watchtower spin, like Jesus body getting dissolved by Jehovah so he has to fool his disciples into thinking he really does have a body and is not just a ghost like they though he was, even though he really is. Did I mention it is illustrated profusely?

    One final piece of programming is this image of children studying the book. We can not say this is subliminal as it is really in your face.

    Let's toss this Bible aside.

    Let's toss this Bible aside. We don't need it since that nice man brought us this Watchtower literature!

  • Hope4Others

    Mine went in the fire place!


  • Fadeout

    The only way that last picture could be any more politically correct would be to throw in a Vulcan kid. Hmm... Photoshop idea....

  • LouBelle

    I gave my first talk from the "My book of Bible stories" It was about the Talking Donkey - perhaps no. 42 (can't remember that too clearly)

    I remember everything about my talk. I remember my mom was the householder (my teacher) and I played the tape and then explained what it was about.

    I gave the talk in the second school.


  • dinah

    When my son was a toddler my Mom tried to give him one of those books. Hubby took a look at it and sent it back to her house.

    I always thought it was strange that the WT never said anything about Dinah's brothers exacting revenge. That story was always used to reinforce how evil worldly people are.

    Btw, I'm a brunette--not a redhead.

  • momzcrazy

    My son found mine, that had my name in sharpie on the front that my dad wrote. I took it from him and said,"Surely there is a better book upstairs to read!" We picked Dr Seuss. Much more believable.


  • reniaa

    I quite like this book, wts spin isn't so obvious and if the more grusome aspects are played down isn't that because of age group its targeted at?

    It makes biblical stories quite accessable to kids so in that respect I like it, Its certainly unique as a kiddie bible storybook i've looked at others and they have 3 maybe 4 bible stories in them only.

    I will say this book more than any other made me a bible reader as i got curious to read the stories from the original.

  • mrsjones5

    There are better books (bible based if you like) out there for children.

  • chikikie

    It was the only book apart from my bible that I kept, I used to love reading it as a child. My daughter has read it too, doesnt mean she wants to become a witness tho, I think its a nice book of stories, Its hardly a crime to like it tho is is it?

    Left all my bible books when i moved house, couldnt throw them away and didnt know what to do with them so i just left them lol!

  • funkyderek

    Call me picky, but are rape and revenge killings suitable subjects for a children's story? Is there a single story in this book that is appropriate for the target audience?

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