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  • Nosferatu

    I vaguely remember the snake one. But I definately don't remember the donkey one! That story is something from a Scooby-Doo episode. The angel needs to go "Arrrrrgh!" and scare away Baalam and the donkey. Then, Baalam can give the donkey a treat, like Ass Munchies (equal to Scooby-Snacks)

    Now that would be a cool story!

  • Mariusuk.
    So something is good and ok if it is a work of fiction with death, dying and torture themes?

    There is a quite a difference yes, you may allow your child to watch Snow White which depicts apple poisoned princess's but you would not let your child watch "Executions" or a Panaroma expose on date rape. If you allow your child to think that the things they are reading actually took place then to them it is real, why anyone would want to show pictures of God killing lots of people in quite graphic detail and then tell them God is actually real is beyond me. Hey it is all personal choice at the end of the day

  • Mariusuk.

    I love how in the talking donkey story how balaam is perfectly fine with his donkey talking to him. If he knew his scriptures he would also know the only precedent for a talking animal was a snake and look how that ended. Everyone was doomed and snake has to crawl on it's belly for the rest of it's days (the snake got off rather lightly I thinks)

  • kurtbethel

    Moving right along, we have the story about Jezebel. Or, as I prefer, JezeBelle. We are told that Jezzey is a bad bad woman, and the artist lets us know in that subliminal watchtower way that Jezzey is a, yes, you guessed it, a REDHEAD! A bad bad redhead, that JezeBelle!

    Of course, any resemblance to Lucille Ball is coincidental.

    Bad redhead JezeBelle

  • LouBelle

    She's got good teeth though

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