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  • chikikie

    Children are funny creatures, as a child when i read them, i never really understood the details anyway, i mean i thought the solomon staory was my favourite, as well as the Daniel story and the LOt story, never really noticed the killing part. Funny as a child you gloss over what you dont really understand, its only as an adult that you see true meaning, lol

  • reniaa

    lol I read the new Harry potter book I certainly wouldn't call it suitable for young kids that read it, it's very black although not as black as some in the series, certainly lots of people die though.

    and the gold-compass books are very black and grusome in content for kids

    I would say bible book of stories is very tame, as a lot of the death etc is very much played down.

    You say there are better bible-story books but I search the whole of my local book store but could only find ones on christmas an no other stories in them. I'd be happy to have a look at one you recommend though?

  • carla

    Reniaa- "wts spin isn't so obvious "---- that's what makes it so scary isn't it? just like all the wt litter, the mind control is not obvious that is why it is a cult.

    I cannot believe you looked very hard for books of Bible Stories for children there are thousands upon thousands! Some have only one story and some have basically all the major 'stories' of the Bible.

    Why do jw's do that? Exagerate to such an extreme they are totally unbelievable to anybody? I was on another board and a guy was going off about evil Christmas and claimed his uncle & family literally prayed and bowed before the Christmas tree. Yeah right was that after they sacrificed the baby?

  • mrsjones5

    lol I read the new Harry potter book I certainly wouldn't call it suitable for young kids that read it, it's very black although not as black as some in the series, certainly lots of people die though.

    and the gold-compass books are very black and grusome in content for kids

    I thought we were talking about bible based books for young children but I'll bite. Right now in my children's personal library they have a few bible based books (they weren't interested in the jw children books), first one is called "The Beginner's Bible" by Zonderkidsz, a division of Zondervan - a christain publishing company

    The story of Christ's birth is there but it does not promote Christmas. I look through this book before I gave it to my kids, I think it's more user friendly for a young child and better written than what the society puts out. Oh there's a website too that gives tips to parents and teachers on how to discuss the book with childen and a section for kids with bible based games, puzzles, etc.

    Second book we have is "My Tall Book of Proverbs"

    My Tall Book of Proverbs: Favorite Proverbs in Rhyme Another book by Zonderkids that reflects certain scriptures of Proverbs in rhyme in a way that young ones can understand.

    My oldest son has a NIV New Testament bible geared toward young men 13-18 interested in basketball, I can't find it right now but I did find his book called "1 Minute Bible 4 Students" that he was using with his Sunday school group

    One-Minute Bible 4 Students: With 366 Devotions for Daily LivingIt's geared towards older kids and it's a once a day way to read the bible that easier to understand more relatable to their lives. My son likes it.

    My daughter has this:

    Magnify - New Testament: Biblezine for Kids (Biblezines for Kids)As you can see it's called "Maginify" and it's the New Testament in magazine form gear towards preteens and young teens. This was a gift from a friend. I looked through it and was impressed with the content. The company that produces this mag has a whole line of biblezines for teen girls, teen guys, women, guys, etc. Here's the link of you want it:

    What I gave you is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many christian publishing companies out there with much better accessible reading material for young children and teens than the WTBTS.


  • Nosferatu

    Wow, I haven't seen those pictures in years! I especially remember the last one. Notice how both girls are wearing dresses?

    After my mom joined the JWs, this book was forced to be my favorite. All my other books were eliminated (except for "Mommy, What's Drunk?") and I was forced to go over this book about 300 times. When the baby-shit yellow cassettes in the human-shit brown case were released, I ended up getting those too. I always wanted to know who's voice was on those tapes. Anybody know?

  • JWdaughter

    I think veggie tales books are effective at teaching bible 'principles' more than most little childrens bible story books are. They touch the stories in ways that adults 'get' and recognize, but they are presented to children without gruesome, ugly images-for their eyes or minds. My big kids enjoyed them as much as their little brother. Our favorite is the little asparagus guy. Though for some reason, my son really liked Madame Blueberry too. That story I thought was kind of lame-less effective a tool.


  • mrsjones5

    My church shows the Veggie Tales videos to the little ones in the children's ministry.

  • Layla33

    I still remember this book, I absolutely loved it as a kid, but then I grew bored of it. I still remember throwing out all my JW stuff when I was 18, fun stuff.

    The only way that last picture could be any more politically correct would be to throw in a Vulcan kid. Hmm... Photoshop idea....

    I know, right? The funniest part is the bible closed and on the floor apart from the kids. Subliminal messaging, perhaps??

  • snowbird

    We were attending an international assembly in N'awlins when it was released.

    My oldest daughter was going on 5.

    I became sick as a dog from the crowd and bad food at the assembly. Had we not gone to Morrison's in Slidell, I don't think I would have made all 4 days.


  • lilybird

    I remember cleaning out boxes in the garage shortly after we moved. The Book of Bible Stories was in a box along with a few other dub books. My son who was about 6 at the time found it and for some reason was fascinated and obsessed with it. Which upset my husband to no end!!!. He didn't like our kids being exposed to anything dub at that point. Anyways, I did let him look at it for a bit, then he got tired of it and we threw it out.In the garbage where all dub material belongs!!!

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