Bethelite: Elder burnout, R&F disillusionment led to book study change

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  • OnTheWayOut
    the crack down on anything internet has put a stop to almost all of the free discussion boards that used to be hosted by JW's, that I know of anyway.

    That just hurts the JW's in a different way. The ones who use the internet anyway go
    underground. Instead of openly and lightly criticizing the WTS, they come here and to
    other blatent anti-JW sites. They may just read for awhile, but as JWD-regulars can
    attest, many join the conversation.

    I was reading in secret at one time. I joined the discussion because I was disgusted
    about the Bethel lay-offs of long-time "family" members and throwing them to the wolves.
    There are plenty of things that will get to a secret reader, causing them to join the
    conversation and come out from the shadows. It could be the hypocrisy on pedophile
    issues, changing doctrines, lawsuits, discovering a false prophecy, harsh treatment
    by a JC, shunning, OH SO MANY THINGS.

    The thread-opener was great. It sounds like the truth. I left from a foreign-language cong.
    where there was not a shortage of elders, but both in the English and the foreign field, I
    did notice that there were virtually no up-and-coming men to become elders in the near
    future. Just a slight drop puts more responsibility upon those that are left. If a cong.
    has only 5 men willing to do all the work, they have several assignments each and every

  • restrangled

    Here is the lineup in my mom's hall.

    Two elders who have not held down a job in the last year, one with a wife working full time, the other just getting married and aksing the KH for financial help as he plans to leave the state.

    The other elder moved to a retirement coummunity.

    I have not heard any replacements come in.

    The PO developed alzhiemers and many insisted he be dragged out in service.....problem was he couldn't keep his hands off the sister's hindends....literally! He loved getting a grab and he finally had to be left in a home.

    There are a few ministerial servents but all very, very young and foolish.

    This is a hall with 150 people.


  • garybuss

    The Google Earth, Wallkill NY pictures have been updated and detailed. Take a look at what billions of dollars buys. Then look at Patterson NY, built since the donation agreement in 1990. This is real $green building.

  • Dagney

    I do agree about the lack of available qualified brothers for appointment. In my old hall we had 12 elders, half elderly. Needless to say, they can't do anything at this time. And I'm sure in some areas where there are smaller BOE's, they are in a world of hurt.

    So anyway, the body turns their attention to servants they have passed over in the past for one reason for another. Now it seems those reasons are not so important anymore. The word is now the lure of "elderhood" has worn off for these MS's that have been passed over, and they are pushing off the overtures of the elders to appoint them. Thankfully.

    I sure hope some are reading on here and other places on the internet.

  • bud2114

    I'm not sure who the joker is that hijacked my orginal JWD post and retitled it for his blog that you see here. He is a blatant plagiarist and should be taken out and horse whipped.

  • Cindi_67

    It might have some truth to it because I just found out that a few elders from other congregations were reassigned to help in the congregation that came out of the one I used to attend. There was a removal of a few elders from their position. I don't know what happened but that's what I heard.

    It made me laugh because one of the elders sent to help out is the same one that could give a sh** whether I went to the KH or not. "What a wonderful help that is". Bullsh**.

  • blondie

    In the last few years, elders have been leaving at about 25% each year per the CO. Many are elders who stepped down because they couldn't take the stress. Add to that few young male jws are staying so the source of MS is limited. That means that the elders who remain have even more work and stress. So I know this is the real reason. My husband was conducting a book study and substituting on another the same week as well as handling the school.

  • BurnTheShips
    My family is also 'going strong'....or, at least, that's the bullcrap line they always put forth towards me. Skeeter

    It is not happening evenly everywhere. In some places the pace is accelerated, in others, it is not yet begun. BTS

  • mouthy

    Great post, thanks.

    I am in touch with an ex curcuit servant. & he told me that ,the confessions of a lot of people in the Borg to the elders are very personal, & very heart wrenching... I am sure it must be difficult for them to carry the load....
    One instance I heard of was a young boy ( teen) was caught by his JW Dad masturbating.... He discussed it with the elder. The Elder called the boy into the Library to explain it was a sin???The boy went home & killed himself....I wonder how that elder sleeps nights?
    I find it hard sleeping when I think of all those I made JWS ( or pressed into service
    If we could only help folks to KNOW!!!!Man is NOT the keeper of our souls.... GOD IS!!!!!!!!

  • truthsetsonefree

    This is so true. I know I resigned from burnout. But I also resigned as a protest. I have always felt that elders have the power to change or even partially sink this religion. Any corporation must rely on its workers to succeed. That is why striking is so effective. Maybe it is happening slowly. I surely hope so.


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