"Why does America always bomb other countries?", my son asked tonight.

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  • 5go
    The only people that can't seem to differentiate between the America of WWII and Iraq is the JWD whine brigade

    Ironic whining about whiners.

    The kid ask why does the US bomb everyone?

    The US has oil interests which also in bit of irony the US used to help start it's involvement in ww2 by refusing to honor an oil supply agreement with Japan. Which forced Japan's hand and pushed them to war with the US.

    (BTW the US was perfectly happy to supply the Nazi's with oil and steel while they were waiting for a side to start losing all this while Jews were knowingly being slaughtered see Geoge W. Bush's grand dad's wartime conviction for the details)

  • IP_SEC

    Who are you? Your reading comprehension needs some work.


    only here can a 13 year old ask about WWII

    That was not the question. If you would like to understand the question, it is in the title of this thread.

  • beksbks

    Darnit you guys, you beat me to it!!

  • Who are you?
    Who are you?

    Oh yes 5go, America forced Japan into WWII and what else.... America forced Iraq to invade Kuwait? Time for some sleep. Thanks for the education.

  • Bring_the_Light
  • Who are you?
    Who are you?

    Come on you all...got to get right to Iraq and beat a dead horse over and over until its dead, then you bury it, then you go dig it up again and beat it some more over and over and over. Does America always bomb other countries? Answer No Did it in WWII? Yes Why? Heres why

  • jaguarbass

    I would write more but as of late the board has lost edditing capabilities.

    The worlds rulers use the United States military as their police force.

    The worlds rulers have a vision and it requires military might to implement it.

    Since I cant edit my errors, I will suggest you read David Ickes "Children of the Matrix"

    Because in so many words plus or minus a lizzard or two, I think he nails it on the head.

  • 5go
    Oh yes 5go, America forced Japan into WWII and what else.... America forced Iraq to invade Kuwait? Time for some sleep. Thanks for the education.

    What do you think was the motive behind pearl harbor the Japanese were just evil, nope. They were pissed that the US wasn't honoring their agreement and thought that the US was about to hit them. So they did a, should I say it.... preemptive strike, Sound familiar? To stop it from happening, BTW their words not mine.

  • Fisherman


    Too bad for the Indians, but If the Indians were here today, chances are that you would be dead or never had beeb born and many of us too if not most or all.

    The US must be imperialistic for its own survival and if it runs out of oil it will take Iraqs or Kwaits or any oil it wants or better yet, it will take their oil before theirs runs out first.

    Or lets be nice about it. Why dont we share? Lets start with what you Own IP. Lets give it everything you own to the needy.

  • JeffT

    How do your kids feel about the Germans bombing the Spanish, Poles, French and Russians before the United States bombed anybody?

    Or the Japanese bombing the Chinese?

    Palestinian rockets being shot into Israel?

    Or for that matter, the British bombing the Germans?

    Only the historically ignorant think we're the only ones bombing people. Not attempt to justify anything, or bash other people. Just points to bring up if you actually want to talk to your kids about this.

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