"Why does America always bomb other countries?", my son asked tonight.

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  • digderidoo

    First of all i do not want to turn this into an American bashing thread, that is not my intention at all.

    I would like to hear Americans opinions as to what my thirteen year old son asked me tonight.

    On the way back from swimming tonight my two sons (13 and 11) and myself started talking about wars. My 11 year old was the first to bring it up talking about WWI & WW2. We had an interesting conversation about it, then the subject got onto nuclear bombs. My 13 year old said there has never been a nuclear bomb dropped to which my 11 year old said that two had been dropped in WW2. My 13 year old was shocked saying how it would wipe out cities. So we all talked about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. My 13 year old then talked at length as to why, in his words, "America drops bombs everywhere". From my point of view i really couldn't answer him. The conversations ended with him saying, "why does America always bomb other countries?"

    By asking this i really do not want to get into the rights and wrongs of American foreign policy, but i would like to know how Americans feel about the way people of other countries view the history of their government. I have heard how US citizens feel their country uses war to fight for democracy and freedom, but that is not how many in Europe see it.

    I thought long and hard before posting this as i do not want to come across as America bashing, but these are the words and sentiments of a 13 year old English kid and wondered how those in the US really feel about this?

    Thanks Paul

  • loosie

    I think America likes to be everyon'es big brother. the thing is not everyone has signed up to get a big brother.

  • 5go

    Simple the US wants all the other countries milk money OIL. Yep it's that simple.

  • SacrificialLoon

    All world powers have tried to impose their vision of the world upon others throughout history. You don't have to go too far back when it was the UK killing Boers in South Africa, subjegating India, and even occupying a restive Iraq. It doesn't make it any less wrong it just seems to be the way it always has been, and continues to be.

  • digderidoo

    But how do you feel about the anti-American feeling from other countries? It surprised me as to what my kids view is towards America, even though he doesn't really think about political issues or current affairs.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    5go said,

    Simple the US wants all the other countries milk money OIL. Yep it's that simple.
    yeah, so if you Brits got any oil, you'd better get rid of it, or we're gonna be comin' for YOU! America drops bombs because bombs are hardware, not American lives. As General George Smith Patton told his troops, the object of war is NOT to die for your country. The object of war is to let the other poor son-of-a-bitch die for HIS country." alt A GREAT American - George S. Patton Before the decision was made to drop the nukes on Japan, both sides were preparing for the invasion of Japan, and predicted losses on each side were astronomical. Dropping the two bombs led to the surrender of japan and saved hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives from both sides. Then those evil, wicked Americans went into japan and rebuilt it, so that today it is an economic powerhouse and the people are free of the feudal system that sat on their shoulders before the war. America also dropped tons -- yes, TONS -- of bombs on Germany during WWII in an effort to help preserve the liberty of some allies on some islands north of France. Teach your kids to say "Danke schön, Amerika!"

  • Indo_Dude

    I have lived abroad for a few years. To be sure, I've been ashamed of my country since the Idiot Chimp Bush has been running the monkey show.

    I used to be proud to be an American. Now I'm ashamed. After I moved back to America from my teaching assignment in Indonesia this country felt old, rundown, and decrepit. The bridge collapse in St. Paul, MN last year, plus the hundreds of other stories about bad roads, bad schools, bad bridges, lack of high speed rail, and the joke that Americans call their airport facilities these days? Unforgivable. It's like watching the Roman empire unraveling. It's plain sad, and pathetic.

  • digderidoo

    I remember as a kid we used to look at all things American as being cool. From John Travolta in Grease, to Starsky & Hutch, ask any kid in the 70's from over here what country they would like to live in, they would say America.

    Now i feel is a different story with kids here, its fascinating to watch this empire (and i believe it is an empire) unfolding. Do you think it is going to be any different if Obama or Hilary get in? We kinda warm to Obama in this country.


  • Free
    But how do you feel about the anti-American feeling from other countries?

    I couldn't give a shit what anti-American assholes think of us, Especially from Europe. You all would be speaking German right now if we didn't get involved in WW2. Not to turn this thread into a Europe bashing thing, but come on.

    War just sucks

  • Indo_Dude

    Typical "Free". And what exactly did YOU do to facilitate that in 1942? Which unit did you fight in back in WWII?

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