Thank you, Watchtower, Bible and Tract Society!

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  • David_R

    I wanted to say thank you to the WBTS for enforcing a 'no-contact' rule on all those that have left the Organization.

    Only by experiencing first-hand my former best-friends treating me like a complete stranger (see 'garbage') for standing up for my own beliefs was I finally able to tell the Society 'Good-bye' forever and not feel guilty about it.

    I know this was not the WBTS's intention from the alienation practice. It's intention was to make me feel guilty and lonely enough to come back to them. However, it has backfired on them and finally given me my freedom.

    Thank you, Society, for lacking kindness and understanding. By doing so, you have shown me your true side and set me free! (:

  • Alpaca

    Welcome, Dave.


  • digderidoo

    Congratulations and welcome to the board.


  • flipper

    Welcome David to the board. I'm sorry you were treated that way - as many of us have been also treated that way ! But , you are right, it does backfire on them , and opens our real eyes open to what that organization is all about ! So welcome, and you will find lots of support here friend ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • TooOpinionated

    Welcome, Dave. That is exactly how I feel, too. I also didn't want my children treated like trash just because of my convictions. The last time I went to a Kingdom Hall I could see that starting. Who in their right minds shuns toddlers and babies? That's just evil. What a way to damage them.

  • Casper

    Thank you, Society, for lacking kindness and understanding. By doing so, you have shown me your true side and set me free! (:

    Welcome David...

    I too am sorry you were treated this way... Enjoy your Freedom


  • orangefatcat

    I thank the WTS too for allowing you to find your freedom and happiness forever more.

    and welcome to this forum JWD.

    Hope to see much more of you.


  • BFD

    Welcome to JWD. I know exactly how you feel. I'd tell the story but it would takes pages. Let's just say I threw the baby out with the bath water due to shunning. It took me a while but, I found the baby again.



  • momzcrazy

    Welcome to JWD!!!!


  • Bring_the_Light

    They don't want you back. I'm experiencing that right now, I've been asking a former friend who is shunning me (emails/text messages without a peep of reply) to set me up with a study with the most experienced/knowledgable elder or whatever so I can balance my current thoughts about what's wrong with the doctrine/organization with "the official" explanation of what's right with it and why I should come back (ie a Bible Study like you would on the way to dunkland).

    I'm not even able to get a response on whether she will do that for me. She's a pioneer, i want a study, won't respond, because she "knows, I'm tainted" (not her words, my interpretation). Once you "know the truth" they really don't want you complicating their lives. This whole idea of me coming into the organization like a bull in a china shop asking too many questions for purposes of "figuring out why I'm wrong in my worldly views" is a scary (and probably embarassing) thing. You need to come in meekly with the demonstrated intent to "believe what they tell you" or they don't want you anywhere near them. I believe they consciously know their "faith" cannot withstand questions, so they protect it.

    I'm thinking I'm going to go seeking a study. I'm open to the idea that there are at least some halfway reasonable rationalizations available from the really experienced JW's. Afterall most of my "study" of the organization has been from "apostate" sources (I never did anything but go to meetings as a kid). I really should get "the other side". The problem is that so far as I can tell, not even the average pioneer HAS "the other side". They don't have the "apostate" view, so I'm having a hard time thinking that the "average" pioneer/study type person would even be able to defend themselves. I certainly wouldn't waste my time unless I got ahold of some who knows their shit.

    My main interest is getting the story on "HOW" the organization knows its got things right? For instance from my evil apostate influence I know that Charles Russel was a nut job who through a combination of Biblical numerology (kinda crazy, isn't numerology supposed to be occult?) and the dimensions of the Great Pyramid at Giza (everyone agrees this is nuts even witnesses) determined that 1914 was the year the world was going to end, which was revised to 1914 is when Jesus kicked off the Armageddon party we're currently awaiting any day now. Even witnesses have distanced the organization from Russel's teachings about the Pyramid, understandably. THE PROBLEM here people is Mr. Crazypants Russell is THE GUY who figured out WE ARE IN THE TIME OF THE END like right now, as opposed to at some totally unknown time when the kingdom will come (which most Christians "believe"). The DIFFERENCE between Jehovah's Witnesses doctrine and some other Christian organization IS THIS. THIS idea that we've discovered that NOW is "THE TIME OF THE END". So, how was that determined?

    So if everyone agrees that Charles Russel was a nutjob, what is the "other basis" to believe 1914 is important and this whole deal is going down right now? What calibrates the timing that right now is "the time of the end"? Human beings made these decisions, how did they make them? What is the biblical basis?

    Hell now that I'm typing, I'd really like to go back and get the "full scoop" on why they believe everything they believe. A JW of 17.5 years really ought to have that info, and I don't actually remember much of anything for "reasons" just "how it is". I was led to believe there are fully documented reasons complete with bible scriptures and junk.

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