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    Years ago I got a small tract from one man in New York City in which a lot information was given about Jehovah's Witnesses who are they .

    And I read all sorts of attacks on them . The predictions were given and how many Jehovah's Witnesses left the organization after the failed 1975 prediction.The number given was amazingly large .

    Was it OK for so many people to leave the organization just because of the failed prediction? Absolutely not ! I myself had some predictions in the past and now I am so glad I stayed the same course and didn't turn to any organization and continued in making new predictions. My new views on many matters of the Bible uphold me fast and now I have another date 2011 AD as the next prediction .

    In no way any failed prediction for a person who has sound views based on the Bible can be a reason for changing a religion.

    The hordes that left the Jehovahs Witness organization did not understand that they would be jumping from the frying pan into the fire !

    These days it became obvious by Obves that Jehovah's Witnesses are in the best situation from all known christian organizations as they are covered by God's plan in the end-time salvation plan.

    The dates like 1879 AD, 1884 AD,1914 AD are in favor of their predecessors : the International Bible Students . Since Jehovah's Witnesses continue their work - like by using the same name " watchtower " which is essential to the cause of salvation - they are in a very convenient situation that makes them distinctive and decisively the best from all the existing christian churches.

    The unity must be strictly observed in view of so much animosity around them. Just imagine what was being done in the Red Russia when the red revolution won there and there were many enemies . Stalin killed off millions of them to keep the unity of the new-born state.

    The Watchtower doesn't kill anyone ,however, though their enemies deserve the harshest penalty as they try to undermine the unity of the organization God Yahweh approves of and which must survive facing enemies from all sides , even from within.

    The folks that left organization of Jehovah's Witnesses lacked the right understanding that is now being available as we are in the final years of the present world order of things. The Watchtower may not have the right explanation at that time and that could contribute immensely to so many leaving .

    The example is the date 1914 AD which some claim the Watchtower is downplaying . If that is true they would be making a cardinal mistake as the date 1914 AD testifies in favor of them ! The date is as valid as ever ! It is the basic date that points to the International Bible Students as the right organization with God Yahweh and if Jehovah's Witnesses are their legitimate successors they too must be in good standing with the Creator.

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    Welcome newbies,

    obves I have been listening to this guy on the radio on my commute and he is a nut job.

    Anyone who predicts the end is doing a diservice to God and man, by further alienating people from God, after their presumptous predictions fail.

    Harold Camping has again proclaimed the probable end of the world. This time the end of the world is set for 2011 A.D. He has written a new book entitled Time Has An End: A Biblical History of the World 11,013 BC - 2011 AD (Vantage Press: 2005). In this book he proclaims like a modern day prophet that the Church Age ended in 1988, 40 years after the beginning of the nation of Israel in 1948. This is also the beginning of the Great Tribulation in 1988. 1994 marks the beginning of the 2nd Jubilee (Later Rain). Previously, he said 1994 was to be the end of the world. The probable end of the world is now set at 2011 A.D. See Chart . Usually millennialists say there are seven years of tribulation followed directly by the return of Christ. I may not be good at math, but there seems to be a lot more than 7 years between 1988 and 2011.

    According to Camping there is now a two-part program to the Great Tribulation (page 421). The main reason Camping sites for the end of the world in 2011 AD is that it is 7,000 years from the Noachian Flood which he claims was in 4990 BC. It is also 23 years from the beginning of the Great Tribulation which is the magic number of judgment (page 425). Christians are now to leave their (spiritual) homeland (the church) just like Jacob and Judah did (page 426). The most likely time of Christ's coming is at the Feast of Ingathering (the 15-22 of the seventh month of the Jewish calendar) which would be in the fall of 2011 (September-October, page 433). According to Camping, when the Tribulation ends, the sun will be darkened, the moon will not shine, and the stars shall fall from heaven (page 433). It sounds like a spectacular astronomical show for 2011, but since Camping has been repeatedly wrong in the past, I have little hope that we will see the promised spectacular show in 2011.

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    Homerovah the Almighty

    Humanity gives David a big hug and welcomes you

    Yep the lying Watchtower screwed up a lot of lives

    Used and exploited by a corrupt Corporate Publishing House does piss you off, we've all come to realize that.

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    Homerovah the Almighty

    David a little warning ! there are a few nut jobs posting on this site look no further than 3 posts up from mine, just to give you some advancement


    If you know me better from this forum and some usenet discussion groups I have a new set of religious views based on the Bible and I am siding with Jehovah's Witnesses and their predecessors : the International Bible Students . This is in line with Luke 9.49-50 that allows the existence of one indpendent servant of Christ who cannot be against that small group of servants Christ accepts . We have in our times such small group of servants who claim to be the remnant of the class of 144000 chosen servants.

    Harold Caming without a shadow of a doubt is the most gifted preacher the world had known since the ancient christianity disappeared but outside the true circle of the christianity in my view.He has some excellent ideas that put him above all very known preachers known to the people of this world. His predicton for 1994 AD already put him well above. Only Ronald Weinland can be taken into consideration for his interesting explanations of the Bible besides Harold Camping .

    They are not friends of Jehovah's Witnesses but I am ! And this way I am confirming the testimony of Jesus Christ he gave about that single indpendent servant . He was not against that small group.

    The end-timeline that I came up helps us identify all great servants of Yahweh and Jesus Christ in the end-time we live.

    I am a vivid listener to Harold Camping's Open Forum program and I have a lot of tapes with his program and I could listen for hours and days without feeling bored. I consider him as the best opponent to my views and the views of Jehovah's Witnesses . He is against Jehovah's Witnesses while I am with them .

    We must stick to Luke 9.49-50 !

    There are not individuals there given each preaching on his own being indpendent ! There is only one who is outside the small group of united disciples and this must be again in the end times.

    Matthew 24.45-46 the faithful servant can be one individual that feeds some other people and the other left possiblity is a collective servant - a group of servants united as one that feeds the sheep that under their care.

    There cannot be Harold Camping, Obves and Ronald Weinland - all predicting the end with their own distinct teachings -acceptable to God at the same time ! Or more indpendent servants acting on their own ! Luke 9.49-50 allows for one indpendent servant who cannot be agains that small united group of servants- a collective body of disciples united in one, in one organization they guide and feed.

    If you are not from the class of 144000 you cannot be a preacher to nations on your own .As one indpendent believer,in hostile attitude to the servants as per Luke 9.49-50 you are in a very risky situation.

    Harold Camping seems to have gotten the right date 2011 AD , the 7th month Tishrey but he is against Jehovah's Witnesses whom God Yahweh approves . Camping most likely would tell you that you are a in false religion.Try to call him and learn what he is teaching and compare your views to his and see.

    The end-time era didn't begin with Harold Camping or Ronald Weinland it began in 1878 AD - 1914 AD when Camping or Weinland were not yet born but there were true christian servants then already . And who they were ? They were among the International Bible Students. Who continues their preaching work today honorably ? Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Especially if you oppose Jehovah's Witnesses you cannot be on your own in believing in God . God gave us the order the things are being done . Luke 9.49-50 is a classic example .

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    Amen to that bro~

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    yadda yadda 2

    Brilliant! Love it! I feel very similar.

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