Thank you, Watchtower, Bible and Tract Society!

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  • Bring_the_Light
    So that is the starting point, which was 607 BC, when Jerusalem fell to Babylon.



    What? so there's a little controversy about 607 BC, we don't need to worry about that because 1914 is ALSO completely verified by a simple inspection of the dimensions of the Great Pyramid. It has been verified by MULTIPLE sources, (actual 607 historical event, GB says so, and Great Pyramid, thats 3 independant sources, folks, bulletproof) so, as you can see, there is no reason to doubt it.

    .... and besides Jehovah's spirit directed organization wouldn't get it wrong anyhoo.

    (almost died laughing when I excitedly started scrolling down to respond and was confronted by an open can of worms! Nice placement of graphic )

  • Bring_the_Light
    Hi Bring_The_Light

    Did you think about finding a congregation where know one knows you and pretend that you're some average joe off the street? Ask them questions about their beliefs that way, or even ask for a bible study?

    Yes, in fact when I can free up a little time, I'm actually going to do that. BUT (<--- Big Butt) I'm NOT going to lie or be deceptive in any way whatsoever. There will be no "Apostate attack" launched. I'm where I am specifically because I am a truth teller down to my soul. I am not a Jehovah's Witness specifically because I am not a liar. I won't start now, and I feel compelled to carry the flag of the non-believer with honor, give a "good witness" to the Light, if you will. My main issue with the organization is that they would label me to be a bad man, the anger comes from the fact that I am not. Bring_the_Light

  • betterdaze

    Welcome, David_R!


  • heathen

    I actually tried studying again after being totally disgusted with the org. I came away even more disgusted . I was never in so could walk away whenever it go too deep with the idea you shouldn't use the thinking cap at all and just let use take your mind for a spin .

  • sparrow

    I'm with you "brother"! I was devastated and went back to about 2 meetings. I felt like an idiot so decided to have a break. Next thing you know I found out the "truth" about the org and think it's the best thing that could of happened

  • WTWizard

    I hope it also means no more getting hounded and harassed to go back to the Washtowel Slaveholdery Corporation after a year or so.

  • penny2

    David_R, welcome to JWD!


  • Shazard

    Welcom back to freedom. And truth shall set ya free!

  • fresia

    Thank you, Society, for lacking kindness and understanding. By doing so, you have shown me your true side and set me free! (:

    Oh and so this is the first time you have come onto this forum, you had a problem then left and came straight here, lovely.

    You know its always the attitude, you were probably drifting of anyways, and then something happened and whammo you have the excuse to go, and blame whatever but yourself. Why don't you just admit you wanted to go and this was the excuse and you have blown it up and they are completely wrong and you are 100% right. Well then you are free, so stop complaining and enjoy your freedom from the evil borg.

  • ninja

    yep...good thread....I just got back from picking my kids up from school.....there were 3 witnesses who I would have called friends at one time who totally ignored me......I think it is hilarious that 3 grown men act this way....and I'm not even d'fed.....thing is....I can actually see the anger/frustration/embarrassment in their faces as they try hard not to look in my's great to be free isn't it davey boy?....woo

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