Diary of a thinking to return ex-Jw

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  • nomoreguilt

    Hmmm.......Gee Reniaa, that last remark about myself really hurt! NASTY am I?? I think not. Now that you've gotten yourself backed up on your heals you find it necessary to take cheap shots at ME? Cmon on now give it a rest. It does seem funny how all of a sudden your "sister" shows up on here after a week of this diatribe of yours.

    I never called you a troll, I just used the facts of your life that you posted to show you, like the others here, that your lot in life was a result of your very own choices in life. You no doubt knew at the onset of your joining here that JWD is what it is, thousands of people that make thier own choices in life. How can you dispute any one of us that has spent over 40 years or more of our lives as jw's only to find that the truth has been a sham?

    Move On Reniaa................

    Sirona.......Neither am I df'd or da'd. I just don't find it all that necessary to lay out my ENTIRE personal life for all to know. Perhaps Reniaa should have used some discretion in what she told US. Some things are just that ....PERSONAL. Take care Sirona


  • chikikie

    I beg to disagree, anyone with half a brain who reads your posts, can see someone inciting others to believe that my sister is indeed 'a troll, a trevor and an undercover JW set out to make mischief amongst the apostates. Which is not the case, You posts set out to do one thing, that is to remove any credibilty of her views. Im glad im not the only one to see that such bullying has occured.

  • Sirona

    I posted this on the other thread:


    I do want a resolution to this, because its clearly gone too far.


    I am sorry if I have falsely accused you and your sister. I apologise.

    Many of us were hurt by previous things happening on this board, and personally I feel really angry if I think someone is lying and pretending to be something they are not.

    From my standpoint in all this, I've been highlighting my doubts about you two. From your standpoint you see that as attacking. I didn't intend to actually "attack" I simply intended to make my point and make others aware too because I think its important for others to know if there is something fishy going on. Now I admit I might have been wrong in that.

    Now. I won't mention these doubts again.


  • ozziepost

    On that note I am locking this thread.

    It'll give time to take the 'heat' out of this and also because this thread has gone 'off topic'.

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