Diary of a thinking to return ex-Jw

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  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    Hello R, I think it would be okay to go back and start studying with the JWs! I think some of the talks were good for me to hear! not all the studies were bad some of it was okay. I enjoyed growing up as a JW with my friends. Most people on here want to connect with who? People they knew as JWs and that should tell you something.

    Also, my big issue has always been Trinity! Although there are many religions that do not believe in Trinity they take on other strange doctrines such as praying to Mary, rituals, satan is not real, Jesus is Jehovah, Jesus and Jehovah are seperate Gods however the Holy Spirit is not!


    Time heals pains! Let us know what is going on with you. Sorry about some of these comments! With time and through you they will learn how to love and not hate! We are all guilty of that type of attitude!

  • reniaa

    thank you sarah :) i will read kings

    I shouldn't have let their comments upset me, most people have been nice and give me good info to follow up :)and you understand how hard it is when you seek the god of the bible but a major teaching flaw like trinity really spoils other christian religions for me.

  • brinjen

    Then don't look at those religions, look at the ones who don't teach the trinity. I believe JWfacts gave you the names of some a few pages back. Look into all for yourself.

  • MidwichCuckoo
    I am interested in Jw because of the bible not the wts which is like you say just a tool.

    I don't understand this, but in my opinion you ought go 'back to' the JWs - and be governed by the WT - as you cannot separate the 2. You can, however, separate the Bible, and if you REALLY want to study the Bible, then the WT/JWs is the wrong place....but JWs won't 'tickle your ears' and give you all this attention, will they?

  • fifi40

    There could be various things going on here

    First Reniaa could be genuine and if so it is up to her is she wishes to return to the jw life. If thats what she wants for herself then so be it. Most of us know our own feelings towards this organisation and have done enough research to recognise the errors and falseness connected with jwism. It seems trying to convince someone who is in 'love' with the ideal of being a jw is getting nowhere fast. If Reniaa suffers with intellectual dishonesty, has a victim mentality or is just plain stupid then really we can only pity her. I get the feeling whatever she does she will be a wishy washy witness at best and would be using it as a child uses a comforter rather than a answer to the questions that are at the depths of our hearts and souls. (reniaa there is no offense intended in my description, but just speaking the truth, I can only summarise from my own standpoint that one of the above must be true - to most of us it is inbelievable that someone with this much information available to them would be considering returning to that religion) I could understand it more if you had not come across a site like this, I have felt the same way before I started looking at the teachings and prophesies, even the accuracy of the bible translation the witnesses use and now I recognise it for what it is and I understand why being bought up in that religion influenced the very way in which my mind worked and the thoughts I had. I am glad to be free of its influence and even though I dont have all the answers to life I am not living life controlled by a set of teachings and expectations that are damaging and untrue.

    If Reniaa is 'winding' us up in some way, if Reniaa is an alias of a troll or maybe Trevor himself then there is no harm done. Whoever this person is they seek attention because they have little else in their life and that you can only feel sorry for them. Either choose not to waste time on them or know that this site is bound to attract people who are lonely and it is a form of companionship for them. Be thankful that you have a life and the honesty to use this site with a different motivation. Again Reniaa no offense intended, but because of the inconsistencies drawn to our attention on this thread you can undertsand why this is a consideration. You wouldnt be the first person who has been dishonest with other users on this site.

    Whatever the truth I truly hope that you find what it is you are looking for in your life and that at some point you find contentment.


  • reniaa

    you are right he did give me a list unfortunately most are not very good because of other reasons i'll show you what i mean here is the original list....

    certainly I have looked but they are all tied up with the 3-1 trinity.

    You haven't looked very hard. Here is a start of religions that do not teach a trinity.

    • Christadelphians
    • Christian Science
    • Iglesia ni Cristo
    • Jehovah’s Witnesses
    • Mormons
    • Some Seventh Day Adventist groups
    • United Church of Christ
    • United Church of God
    • Worldwide Church of God

    let me update them bear in mind that the reason I don't like trinity is it makes out jesus is God which still then disqualifies some of the list.

    • Worldwide Church of God - Deity of Jesus: Jesus is the Word, by whom and for whom God created all things. As God manifest in the flesh for our salvation, he was begotten of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, fully God and fully human, two natures in one Person. Jesus is the Son of God and Lord of all, worthy of worship, honor and reverence. For more information about Jesus, click here.

    • United Church of God -http://www.ucg.org/about/fundamentalbeliefs.htm actually this isn't a bad alternative and i will be researching them more

    • United Church of Christ -The United Church of Christ acknowledges as its sole Head, Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior. It acknowledges as kindred in Christ all who share in this confession. It looks to the Word of God in the Scriptures, and to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, to prosper its creative and redemptive work in the world. It claims as its own the faith of the historic Church expressed in the ancient creeds and reclaimed in the basic insights of the Protestant Reformers. It affirms the responsibility of the Church in each generation to make this faith its own in reality of worship, in honesty of thought and expression, and in purity of heart before God. In accordance with the teaching of our Lord and the practice prevailing among evangelical Christians, it recognizes two sacraments: Baptism and the Lord's Supper or Holy Communion. [6]

    hmmm this one may still be a trinity one.

    • Some Seventh Day Adventist groups - Jesus is the one who never changes in a universe that always does. Jesus is Creator, Sustainer, Saviour, Friend, God's Son, and God Himself!

    I looked but couldn't find ones that didn't still support the trinity

    • Mormons - In "The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles," modern-day prophets and apostles bear witness of the divinity of our Savior Jesus Christ. You can also learn more,

    They still follow jesus is god policy and the book of mormon itself definately puts me off.

    • Jehovah’s Witnesses - they use jehovah's name uniquely

    • Iglesia ni Cristo - ok till you view history - Political Influence

    Ever since former Philippine presidentManuel L. Quezon created a lasting friendship after asking Felix Manalo for advice, the INC has been known for its strong politicalinfluence. While it strongly maintains a close "friendship" with incumbent administrations, the INC also sees to it that they do not lose "discreet connection" with the opposition. [22] It was well-known for its support of President Ferdinand E. Marcos until his ousting during the EDSA Revolution of 1986. [22]

    INC members are noted for their bloc voting in Philippine elections, [23] [24] [25] [26] although INC has the biggest conversion turn-out, between ninety-five and ninety-nine percent of their members voting for candidates endorsed

    • Christian Science - Healing - The basis of Christian Science healing is the view that "man" (the male/female spiritual being who appears as an individual human being) is the reflection or expression of wholly good and perfect God, and therefore is perfect. Christian Scientists believe that God loves every individual, because God is the Creator of all.

    Christian Scientists also believe that sickness is the result of fear, ignorance, or sin, and that when the erroneous belief is corrected, the sickness will disappear. They state that the way to eliminate the false beliefs is to replace them with true understanding of God's goodness. They consider that suffering can occur only when one believes in the supposed reality of a problem; if one changes one's understanding, the belief is revealed as false, and the acknowledgement that the sickness has no power since God is the only power, eliminates the sickness.

    Christian Scientists regard the material world as a kind of consensual illusion which is due to a misperception of the true spiritual world. Such a misperception can, they believe, be changed by reorientation of thought, or prayer in Christian Science terms. Thus the illusion can be dispelled, revealing the present spiritual reality. The result is healing.

    They really are only about healing and prayer not much else, if you are stumbled by Jw blood issue this lot don't do any medicine etc thinking you can heal through prayer.

    • Christadelphians - Practices

    Christadelphians are organised into local congregations, that commonly call themselves ecclesias. [5] Congregational worship, which usually takes place on Sunday, centres on the remembrance of the death and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ by the taking part in the "memorial service". Additional meetings are often organised for worship, prayer, evangelism and Bible study.

    Most ecclesias are involved in evangelism in the form of public lectures on Bible teaching, [34] college-style seminars on reading the Bible, [35] and Bible Reading Groups. Correspondence courses [36] are also used widely, particularly in areas where there is no established Christadelphian presence. Some ecclesias, organisations or individuals also preach through other media like video, [37] podcasts [38] and internet forums. [39]

    Only baptised believers are considered members of the ecclesia. However, the children of members are encouraged to attend Christadelphian Sunday Schools and youth groups. Interaction between youth from different ecclesias is encouraged through regional and national youth gatherings.

    these are another group worth looking into but they are very wide spaced as achurch with not much cohesion within there group.

    Of all the options offered only 3 inc the JW, christadelphians, United church of God themselves fit the criteria and bear further study.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Hi reniaa

    Just dropping by to say maybe out of that list, you could take a closer look at the Christadelphians - I reckon they might be the closest to JWs if you want the Bible study but would prefer not to have the WTS. In fact I'd say Christadelphians are better for Bible study.

    At this time I believe you are genuine - I suspect you've posted on another forum and been completely open there about being ex-JW, long before you started posting here.

    If there is one thing several posters have said on this thread that you should really take on board its this:


    Please, don't let anything or anyone dictate to you how you should live it - take control, you CAN do it!

    I wish you well, whatever decison you make

  • Sirona

    I just got an abusive PM from Chikikie - unprompted - calling me a "stupid stupid woman" and accusing me of calling Reniaa a "whore". I didn't call Reniaa a whore that is a total lie.

    She also said "no wonder you got DF'd" - fact is, I didn't get DF'd....I'm neither DF'd or DA'd.

    I strongly advise everyone on this forum to be very careful - I have let people know the facts and they can draw their own conclusions.


    PS in my whole time at JWD I have never fallen out with anyone on this board...my track record speaks for itself.

  • Earnest

    Sirona, while you did not describe reniaa as a whore (that was Bizzybee), you have been relentless in attacking her from the moment she started posting on this board. If it is Chikikie's hope that she does not go back to the JWs I am not surprised she is upset at the treatment reniaa has received here. You have expressed several times the thought that chikikie and reniaa are the same person, but very early on chikikie offered to supply you with their phone numbers which hardly seems the voice of deception. In my opinion, it would be unwise to provide phone numbers to a complete stranger but her willingness to do so suggests a naivety which is also apparent in her posts.

    This forum is a Jehovah's Witness Discussion forum. I do think reniaa is unwise in the titles she has chosen for her threads but there is nothing that I have read that suggests dishonesty. This is not my thread, and there is not much I can contribute to it, but I do think the rampant bullying that has gone on does nothing for the cause of truth.


  • Sirona


    You are welcome to your opinion. I don't agree that "rampant bullying" has gone on.

    I'm direct in the way I say things. I also have expressed my doubts regarding the two of them. On this thread, someone else raised doubts and I reminded everyone of what I'd said previously. Subsequently, several people have expressed doubts - are we going to accuse them all of bullying? Just for saying what they think might be going on?

    I think that since the Trevor issue we should be able to voice doubts if we have them. This way, people are aware and don't get dragged into dramas which *might* be fabricated.

    I have personally seen far more "nastiness" occuring in other threads on politics and on religious doctrine - but the participants are able to hold their own and debate - sometimes hotly - without having to resort to accusations of bullying. Now I don't condone calling names like "whore" at all - I haven't personally done that - and I think that doing that would be out of order. But having a debate and getting passionate about it IS NOT bullying, IMO.


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