Copy of New Bookstudy Arrangement Letter

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Regarding comments made by changeling and Blues Brother on the suspect nature of the GB's signature found below "sus hermanos":

    As a Bethel proofreader, I looked for ANYTHING aesthetically or technically
    incorrect. Have you noticed a faint and broken horizontal line directly above the sig-
    nature? As though the original signature were blanked out and replaced? Additionally,
    the cursive appears amateurish and weak, which opinion is, of course, purely subjective.
    The general text has earmarks of legitimacy; for what reason, therefore, would one
    tamper with Author's sign off?

    Compound-Complex Nonplussed

  • shopaholic
    Have you noticed a faint and broken horizontal line directly above the sig-
    nature? As though the original signature were blanked out and replaced?

    Coco, I noticed it. I also noticed that the text looks angled. I just figured that maybe it was from the scanner.

  • Narkissos

    I read that earlier today and wondered about the apparently photocopied English header and signature, too.

    Plus, is "Family worship" part of current JW speech? (all I can say is that it was not 20+ years ago).

    I also wonder (assuming that the letter is genuine) whether the new "Bible study" is meant to be blended with the weekly Bible readings of the TMS, is those are still going on.

    Anyway those two lexical developments sound pretty "Evangelical" to me.

  • changeling

    You're right CoCo. It just looks wrong.

    Here's the latest from my end. As you know, my elderly, elder dad lives with me. Well, at around 8:00 AM this morning, to PO of his cong. called for him (I answered the phone). I'm wondering if he was summoning Dad and his fellow elders to a "brief" meeting before the meeting tomorrow? Dad has said nothing to me and I hesitate to ask and appear nosy.

    Also, my son in law's cousin is married to an elder and his wife told my daughter that a "worldwide" announcement will be made Sunday.

    That's all I know (which isn't much) from my own personal exprerience.

    Tomorrow should be a fun day on JWD.

    changeling :)

  • MissingLink

    You people are paranoid. It's a rubber stamp.

  • DaCheech

    my kingdom hall has not made an pre-annauncement

  • changeling

    Da-Cheech: If the letters on here are legit, there was not supposed to be a pre-announcement.


  • willyloman

    This change in dub procedure is not unexpected. And there may be more ahead.

    Several years ago when Guy Pierce was named to the Gov Body, I wrote him a long letter. Having known him when he he visited our congo as the CO back in the late '80s, I though he might take my suggestions seriously. But after writing the lengthy letter, I decided not to mail it. I was beginning to realize that no real reform was possible in the organization and I was starting to rethink my position as a 25+ year dub. Not wanting to call attention to myself (I knew the letter would be forwarded to the congo where I was an elder and would create a shitstorm).

    On hearing the news about the new meeting "arrangement," I went back to my file and read the letter again. In it I told Pierce I was "reporting from the front lines" and thought the Society ought to make a number of changes ASAP in order to align itself with the rank and file, most of whom were rethinking their "theocratic pace" now that the WTS had shit-canned the generation doctrine and put the "end" off, way off, into the future.

    I suggested they immediately do away with the book study, freeing up a night a week. This would give the bro's some more rest. I told him they could soften the shock by incorporating the book study material into the School/Service meeting, as all three of those meetings were much longer than necessary. The letter specifically outlined shortening up the school and svc meeting to allow room for a 30-minute "book study." I also suggested they then promote the night off as a family or personal student opportunity. It's amusing to see that that's almost exactly what has happened.

    Another suggestion I offered was to change field service as we know it, and replace it with "field and community service." In my outline, dubs would volunteer for various assignments: hall cleaning, visiting the sick, taking groceries or medicine or meals to shut-ins, performing other forms of community service, or go door to door with "the good news," as each individual chose to do. All of these activities would "count" and time could be reported. This would expand the scope of what constituted "service" and give everyone a chance to participate in "Christian activities." I suggested it would enhance morale in the congos and be a public relations boost, too.

    There was much more; as I re-read the letter, it was proposing a sea change within the organization leading to the "mainstreaming" of the JW religion.

    Either Pierce received some sort of telepathic mind transfer or these ideas are merely the inevitable evolution of the dub organization. Either way, for the sake of those still in I am happy to see their burden lifted - even if only slightly.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Intriguing, Willy:

    Some forty years ago, when conducting a foreign language book study, I was aware of a somewhat significant change in WT doctrine. That "new light," already shining forth in the revised LIFE EVERLASTING IN FREEDOM OF THE SONS OF GOD, would not appear in our particular foreign language revision for six months hence.

    Impetuous fool that I was, I announced at book study that certain night that what we were reading in our version was "incorrect."

    Wrong move on my part ...

    CoCo Crucified

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    It's interesting that they have used Acts 15: 28 to justify the change. But it is a mistake on their part to associate the word "burden" with the meetings, because a lot of JW's will now view the 1.45 hr week night meeting as the same thing. That is a hell of a long meeting on a cold winters night. With the tendency for talks to go over time it will be more like 2 hours.

    For years they have been saying that going to all the meetings is a "commandment" in terms of Hebrews 10: 24,25, etc, and that such a commandment is not "burdensome" at all, ala 1 John 5:3 . Now they have admitted that going to the bookstudy is indeed a "burdensome" thing.

    Usuing Act 15:28,29 opens the way for them to bring in more moderating changes because there numerous other things that could easily be classified as not "necessary" and more like a burden on 7million suffering JWs.

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