Copy of New Bookstudy Arrangement Letter

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    Alright, English speakers, I am sure there is someone that can do the same. :-)

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    Aw! Too cool!

    Really, what will happen with an extra night off? Study? Nahh. TV, internet, dining, clubbing. That's what the elders' families will be doing, anyways.

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    Mas Tequila!


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    I used to convert this. It is definitely not perfect, but here are the results:



    As it indicates the Bible in I Corinthian 7:31, "Ia scene of this world this changing 'ยท. Each I gave we can verify 10 certain That are these words inspired. Ademas, upon being gone approaching the "great tribulacion", Satanas demuesh" R each ....ez but colera against us (Mat. 24:21: 1 Ped. 5:8,9; Rev. 12:17).

    The Body Gobemante understands very well the growing pressures that you confront you, the beloved sheep of the Senor. Just like the Body Gobemante of the century pomero, we do not Want that they have that Hevar but loads that the necessary (Hech. 15:6, 28). Consequently, despues of a lot of meditacion and omcKin, there we are determined edoptar measures to alleviate them the loads modifying the weekly program of meetings (Mat. 11:28-30).

    From the I of January of 2009, the Study of Book of Congregaci6n itself celebrani along with the School of the Department Teocratico and the Reuni6n of Service. No longer itself Jlamam Study of book of Congregaci6n but Study Biblico of the Congregacion. Desputs of the cintico and 18 oracion of cornienzo itself lIevani to tip the Study Biblico of the Congregaci6n for twenty-five minutes of similar form to as has done itself to ahara. Itself encarganin to conduct it by rotaci6n the elders that be qualified for her. To continuaci6n vendril the School of the Department Toocratico, that lasted thirty minutes. Then, despues of another cantico, tendci place the Reunion of Service, that lasted thirty-five bill. The reunion concluiril with canlico and oraci6n. These meetings sumarim on the whole an hour and forty-five minutes, can the ornciones and the canticos included. Itself mantendra. the current system of meetings for the service of the field, 10 that includes the distribucion in gmpos pequeiios. But ahead recibiriln informacion sabre the Study Biblico of the Congregaci6n and the reunienes for the service of the field. This change in our weekly program offers various benefits. For example, upon having That haeer less trips for the meetings of congregaci6n, itself ahorrani a lot of time and flammable, that in numerous countries is each time but dearly. Nevertheless, there is another benefit aim greater. Itself not~ it facilitated to comply with Ia imponantisima work to study the Bible so much to personal level as in family. In fact, the changes in the weekly program us permitini.n to fortify the spirituality of the families apaltando a night for the Adoracion in Family. The heads should assume the responsibility that Jehova has given them to carry out weekly with its a significant study of the Bible (Dell. 6:6,7). And the hennanos and hennanas single that have not family responsibilities they can utilize this time for THEIR personal study

    Of the Writings. It is essential that "compr [emos] all the opportune time" and that we fortify us in view of the events that approach (Efe. 5: J5, 16). EI I gave of Jehova itself about rapidamente (Sof. 1:14; 2 Ped. 3:12). Asi that is but urgent that nunea that aprovcchemos the time that remains to build us sabre Duestra "santisima faith" (Jud. 20). We take advantage of well these changes while we continue continuing the Great Shepherd, who guides us to grassy fields clande we find peace and relief (Salt. 23:2, 3). We beg to Jehov8 that continue protecting them and giving them fonaleza in these riempos dificiles. With arnor Christian.


    P.or. J superintendent president:

    A yez that have itself read the letter in to as the congregations that camparten the same one Salon of the Queen, was placed in the panel of announcements. where permaneceril exposed two weeks.

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    To the assembled congregationie from el presdidente greeting and much joy,

    We the governing bodie have concludieonie that the great tribuonie is due any momento ,so the safety of the congregateio is upermost in our mindeo.Thereforea the Kingdumba Halle is the place for Biblio study not in youra frigging homes where the appostateo is spreading like a the wildfire.

    Thereforea Tuesdayo isa tobe a spent in secula educationo down at the a loco collageo where you can get a thea gooda education for alifedon't you know.

    Hope youa lika the new arrangeamento.The concluding song will be " This year we're off to sunny Spain hey viva Espaniare."


  • Open mind
    Open mind
    They are strongly recommending that family heads use this "extra night" to study with their families

    Looks like it's time to increase the number of discs we get from Netflix.


  • Galileo

    How considerate of them to tell us what to do with the extra few hours of freedom they're granting us, therefore sparing us the burden of thought and freedom of choice, which by their design we aren't preared to deal with. Why don't those senile old bastards JUST DIE ALREADY!

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    Also, everyone will be instructed not to share this information with others who have not yet had their meetings (in KH's with multiple congregations). Everyone should hear the letter read before discussing the new arrangement with others.

    OPPS......I did it again !!!

    Me and my BIG Emoticon - Smile !

    Pretty much everyone in my KH knows.

    I emailed a translated version to at least 40 people in several different KHs (response back has been very 'encouraging'), including a cropped cut of the Spanish letter to be sent out to their Spanish congo contacts. When I emailed the biggest gossip in our SP Congo she called me back and was soo excited. Girl probably knows somebody in every SP KH from Del Rio to Dallas.

    Apparenlty the GB hasn't figured out this is an instant gratification culture.

    Add Your Own Text Wink - Headline....... Add Your Own Text Wink - Headline ..... Add Your Own Text Wink - Headline ......Add Your Own Text Wink - Headline

    Thanks to everyone!

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    First of all, they have bigger avatars. I'm envious.

    Secondly, maybe the gov bod has read enough on the former jw sites about the burden of the five meetings a week thing and how it nearly killed some of us, the pressures and burdens they placed on us. So they relent, but under the guise of gas prices.

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