What was your saddest day as a JW?

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  • oompa

    The day a truthful CO finally explained the truth about the NWT and it's Appendix 1-D. That: 1. The Bible I grew up on was a fraud...the dubs had changed it to say what they wanted. and

    2. They have always lied about what they have done and why....as in appendix 1-D. So

    3. I could only rightly conclude that anyone who changes the the frikking Bible and lies about it can NOT be trusted..............very sad day.............................................oompa

  • Velvetann


    Loved the photo of your Big Boy, its so sad to lose them. I have had 2 Guys like yours, love them. I lost Jake last year at the age of 13 and now have this one named Zeke, he was 1 in this photo,


  • Hortensia

    wow, how awful. I'm glad you all got out and feel better now. Did you ever notice how we talk about it as if we got out of prison, instead of just walking away from a religion we no longer believed? My whole childhood was so miserable and awful that I couldn't pick a single saddest day. My worst day since leaving the org. is better than the best day in it.

  • Hope4Others
    I have had 2 Guys like yours, love them. I lost Jake last year at the age of 13 and now have this one named Zeke

    Cute dog, is he german shepard cross? Purebreads do not live as long, mine was 8 years old. They are prone to hip problems it seems and he had

    cancer in his hip, it got so bad that we had to put him down. I held him in my arms when he was injected and told him he was a good boy. And then he was gone.

    Wow, hard to write this.


  • Hortensia

    I'm sorry about your poor dog - it's hard to lose a pet - doesn't seem fair they live such short lives.

  • sass_my_frass

    A lot of days come to mind but the first one I thought of was one of the last DCs I attended, big international, 80000 attendance or something. We'd done the hours of flying, staying in cheap accom. My flatmates were in full find-a-man mode and I had been hanging out with my now husband in secrecy for a while, he'd proposed endlessly and I was traumatised by what I knew was coming - I knew I wanted life with him but wasn't quite ready to make the break. I was surrounded by 80000 people and felt totally alone all weekend. I had been fighting my depression for a couple of years and the conventions were always the worst place for that.

    My flatmates had been leaving the hotel room early in the morning, I'd get to the session late and seek out my family by sms directions. At lunchtimes I'd sit eating with them and staring out at the field. After the Sunday session I hung with the family for a while and then headed out to the train, the place was just about empty but there was this *moment* - I saw my flatmates walking down the corridor and was cheered by seeing somebody who would talk to me. I smiled and looked down to my camera to get a shot of them because they had really made an effort. I looked up, they posed while walking, and then just walked right by me, like I was a ghost. There wasn't another person around in acres. That was the moment I stopped caring how they'd feel if I left.

    There were some pretty sad JW times after that for a while; surprisingly, being disfellowshipped wasn't the worst of them. By then I'd found the resolve to live and LIVE. My life completely changed on finally hooking up with Mr Frass - infinitely better. It made the disfellowshipping an almost insignificant blip. The next year after the disfellowshipping I was back at the same DC site, the week before my wedding. My family had told me that they couldn't make it to the wedding, using the excuse that they couldn't travel that far, but they were at the convention (in the same city, a six-hour flight from home...) I didn't care; I knew I was going to be okay. By the end of that year, all the sad JW times were over, because I knew I could never get reinstated and that it wasn't my fault how much that hurt my family.

  • Namaste

    Being made to feel that people that were dying didn't need all that much attention, because you know, we would see them again soon. I have a very dear aunt that I think of often and how miserable and lonely her days in the hospital must have been as she lay dying. I would change so much if I could go back. To top it all off, her typical miserable JW memorial service which didn't begin to touch on her ability to be a wonderful loving and laughing human being. I hated when anyone died, stuff the emotions, don't cry, if you do you aren't showing faith.

  • GoddessRachel

    Sass wrote: "By the end of that year, all the sad JW times were over, because I knew I could never get reinstated and that it wasn't my fault how much that hurt my family." Sass, this account is very touching. I understand so much of what you went through. This last sentence especially touched me. Just wanted to comment on that, thanks for sharing. Peace, Rachel

  • Robert7

    One of my saddest was the response (or lack of it) after the 9/11 attacks. I believe our service meeting was the day after 9/11, and we so hoped for some 'comfort' but all that was done was a mention of the brothers affected in the attack during the prayer. That's all.

  • LovesDubs

    In 1996 I was still a JW and had just secretly read Crisis of Conscience. I had many questions and thought who better to answer those questions than the couple, the PO and his pioneer wife that I had studied with, lived with and who had been my wedding talk conductor and maid of honor that I had known for 13 years? I had carefully documented my questions and when their efforts to answer my questions were thwarted time and time again they resorted to defaming Ray Franz rather than answering his accusations, then they turned on ME! That I was reading apostate material, that I was "always a bad witnesss and never wanted to be a witness and that I had gone out in service and never believed in any of it...that I never changed over my worldly personality, that I was hard headed and never listened to reason, that I didnt REALLY believe in Jehovah..."

    God almighty it just poured out of them!! I understand that I upset them, but it was NOT dealt with with love it was dealt with by attacking ME and my MOTIVES and my 13 years as a LOYAL witness! It made me wonder if they were faking their love for me all those years and that it was conditional on me ALWAYS just going along and never questioning ANYTHING.

    I went home and wept and wept and wept from that day. It was months until I disassociated but my relationship with them ended that day. And before that I had named my KIDS after them.

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