Why do we get stumbled out of JW's because of imperfect people?

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I don't fall in the category of "stumbled out of JW's because of imperfect people". Perhaps it was partly the case. I agree with other reasons many have already noted. Particularly as yknot said:

    'spiritual paradise' is a scam

    To simplify and keep to the "God's Organization" theme, even when I was still a believer, I was completely confused by one simple truth. Why has every 'organization' of God failed so miserably and so quickly?

    Then the questions: Can't Jesus, the great teacher and miracle-worker, make it a little more apparent that he's blessing these 'true worshipers'? Even after the big A, won't these 'perfectized' people also need to be 'lobotomized' to get along as well as WTBTS promises?

    B the X

  • Cheetos

    (YOU SAY:)

    I see this a lot on this forum, loads of people saying they left JW's because of "hypocritical ....... ( put elder, pioneer, couple, sister, brother, governing body) here. But? Why would you expect any man-run organization if you believe the bible, to have to be perfect and not be full of imperfect people that will come across as hypocritical?

    The bible examples from Israelites onwards name anyone :- Moses, King David, Pharisees, Paul the one thing the bible doesn't do is white-wash them it shows that however much we follow the laws we are always fighting our own imperfection usually failing every time and needing to be corrected sometimes punished (Moses had to give-up chance of seeing the foretold land), so why do we hold this against JW's as a reasons not to be a JW's anymore?

    This is one of the main reasons I find flawed for people to leave JW's on this forum especially if you have read the bible extensively.


    I can easily accept the fact we are all imperfect souls and so are they that claim to be the "discreet slave", but when they seek to take away my god given conscious that is vital for me in the worship of my god by means of forcing their laws upon me by intimidation such as making it gospel that I or others cannot rejoice at the birth of my children and others each year when (nowhere in the bible does it say we must not celebrate a birthday) if we choose to, or I must feel guilty for eating a turkey on a given day, or that we must only use Jehovah’s Witness publications for bible research or else be reprimanded, or that I must instruct my children not to pursue higher education in order for them to better provide for them self’s or for their family and children. The amount of control that the hierarchy of Jehovah's Witnesses inflict on their members is disgusting to say the least, their members are so drunk on their hypnotic control, like fools they feel with all their heart that it is impossible to serve god unless you have a group of men instructing you what to think on everyday matters. Just take a good look at the demeanor and faces of the polygamist women in that Texas compound when asked a question they are like zombies and very much like many Jehovah's Witnesses, if judge Rutherford had not caused a schism and made his own sect and if the Witness's would have stayed with the original Bible Students there would still have been some sanity left and so many children and others would not have had to die needlessly because of refuseing blood whoops here is that scary word: cult like thinking. When everyone is thinking the same no one is thinking at all!

  • reniaa

    The responsibilities of the individual JW in relationnship to the JW leadership in light of its (obvious) imperfections is the issue at hand. posted by TD

    Hi TD

    i'm sorry your right i completely missed the point of your post, kids were tugging at me at the time, I post this topic without realising i asked more than originally intended..

    Your right these examples I used were all punished by God for their imperfections so i'm begging the question shouldn't the JW's also be punished because they have also gone astray hmmm.

    Here's the problem for me by what measure can we measure? literatually jesus is the only perfect line we can judge by and it's true if I look at any organisation religious, governmental, even job places I will find things faulty and imperfect, if we then focus in on just the Christian religions you get even more complex as none of them hold up much against jesus's teaching of love and peace. And so they by what you correctly point out deserve to be judged as harshly as jews, israelites etc

    At this point I am left asking myself the question...Am I left choosing the best of a bad bunch? because they are all imperfect?

    Someone said I think on another thread that being a witness spoils you for any other religions and they are right because there's no imperfection you accuse JW's on this whole forum, I cannot see in equal measure in any other organisation or even lack of because you still then falling back on your own personal judgement of morality which can mean anything.

    lol does any of this make sense?

  • reniaa

    hi again JD after reading my own reply to your post I now ask myself another difficult question from my conclusions which no one has thought to point out and that is...

    If all christian religions are equally imperfect but by being Christian they are saved then technically all you have to be is a Christian to be saved and it doesn't matter which one, as God will understand?

    So i could pick an easy one that only asks that i say sorry every now and then when I do wrong and I can take pleasure in enjoying life knowing loving God is enough hmmm i'll have to think on that.

  • mrsjones5

    So i could pick an easy one that only asks that i say sorry every now and then when I do wrong and I can take pleasure in enjoying life knowing loving God is enough hmmm i'll have to think on that.

    Ya know Reniaa, all I have to say to you is do whatever the hell rocks your boat, it makes no difference to us (or I should not talk for the board and just say "me") one way or the other. I'm just glad you're here as a reminder of the idiocy of the Watchtower.


    P.S. Oh and let me compliment you on your attempt at sarcasm...nice try

  • reniaa

    Hi mrsjones

    lol i can't give the credit to JW's they find me and my thought processes equally baffling, so i'm afraid my idiocy is all my own lol.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Q: Why do I feel like anything I say on this thread is ignored?

    A: Maybe because anything I have said on this thread has been ignored.

    Ok - now I understand.


  • IP_SEC

    An imperfect organization that sets itself up as the be all end all, unquestionable ark of god... hmm yes that does seem hypocritical. I see your point.

    You cant disagree with perfection. Its perfect!!! You'll never catch me disagreeing 2+2=4. But I cant disagree with an imperfect organization without losing everyone I know? Well thats just the most preposterous thing I've ever heard. Sounds like some kind of control tactic to me. What say you reniaa?

    Oh I didnt leave because of any imperfect people. I left because honour and integrity mean a lot to me.

  • mrsjones5

    Reniaa, please don't put yourself down like that by taking all the credit...have a little self esteem

  • reniaa

    Sorry ak-jeff wasn't ignoring you just kiddiefied and not getting all posts.

    You agree with article on God isn't supporting an organisation?

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